The Great BMC Peak Area Quiz

The following questions were part of a quiz set by John Horscroft at the BMC Peak Area Meeting on 9 February 2005.

Answer the questions on this thread and let's see how long it takes to get them all!

The Principalities Round

1) "An easy and outdated crag." Who said that, about where and after doing what?

2) Which route did John Redhead second with the rope tied round his genitals?

3) Who made the first ascent of Positron on Gogarth? The names of all those involved, please.

4) Who was the first climber to flash Strawberries?

5) Who made the first ascent of The Bat on Carn Dearg?

6) Stuart Cathcart soloed The Cad in the early 80s, long before Jimmy Jewel, but his ascent was tarnished by something he did en-route. What was it?

The Sport Climbing is for Wimps Round

7) What did Chris Plant attach to the first bolt of his old Kilnsey project to stop Jean-Baptiste Tribout working it?

8) What did Mark Leach rename Main Overhang at Kilnsey?

9) Who was the first British woman to climb F8a, and what was the route?

10) Which 5 routes are climbed in the video Buoux 8c?

11) Name the three climbers to have placed bolts on Cloggy? 

The Nose of El Capitan

The Colonies Round

12) Who were the first ascent team on Yosemite's North America Wall?

13) Who first climbed the legendary Midnight Lightning?

14) What was the name of the book written about John Gill, and who wrote it?

15) Who invented the American V grading system?

16) Which world-famous (non-British) climber is best known as 'HB', and what does HB stand for?

17) Which American legend was nicknamed 'Batso'?

18) Which three climbers first climbed El Cap's The Nose in less than 24 hours?

19) Spartacus, Caligula, Lancelot and El Cid are all famous residents of Yosemite's Camp 4. Who or what were they?

Stanage Panorama

God's Own Rock Round

20) Who climbed down Right Unconquerable before Joe Brown climbed up it?

21) The 1985 Derwent gritstone guide had a section of the graded list entitled "E8", listing 8 last great problems that had not yet been climbed. All but one are now in the bag. Name the routes and the one that has so far got away.

22) Put these routes into chronological order: Doug (Roaches), Gaia (Black Rocks), New Statesman (Ilkley).

23) Of which route did Johnny Dawes make the first ascent, belayed by Nick Dixon who then made the second ascent, belayed by Andy Popp who then made the third ascent?

24) Which Curbar routes did Mick Fowler write about in his chapter in Extreme Rock?

25) Put these routes in chronological order: Slip 'n' Slide at Crookrise, Piece of Mind at the Roaches, Narcissus at Froggatt.

26) How many days did Mark Leach spend on The Screaming Dream?

27) What route did Jon Barton describe in On The Edge as like "a badly protected campus board"?

28) On Stanage, what route is five right of Green Crack?

29) Wall of Horrors is E3 6a and was soloed on the first ascent. Who did it in which year?

30) Why is Baw's crawl so named?

31) What was John Allens first new route and how old was he when he did it? 

Neil Bentley asleep, Richard Heap awake at the bivvy on El Cap, Yosemite

The “There's No Bloody Characters Anymore” Round

32) What government office does Mick Fowler work for?

33) Which golden-maned rock star released an album with a picture of himself climbing in Yosemite on the cover?

34) "They're a bit slappy, those guys." Which teenage talent - now not quite as slim as he used to be - said that about whom in On The Edge?

35) Which French climber soloed Revelations, at the time the hardest route in Britain?

36) Which Peak activist of the 80s had the nickname 'Animal'?

37) What is Neil Bentley's ape index?

38) Who placed bolts on the Cromlech's Right Wall in an attempt to aid it?

39) What boots were worn on the following ascents: Ben Moon, Agincourt; Johnny Dawes, Indian Face; John Redhead, Tormented Ejaculation?

Millstones at Apparent North

Peakcentric, Moi!

40) Who belayed Malcolm Smith when he made the second ascent of Hubble?

41) Add the number of shot-holes in the middle of Master's Edge to the number of ascents Equilibrium has had to the year Morley Wood climbed Kelly's Overhang to the number of feet that Everest is over 27,000?

42) Who was on the front cover of the January 2005 edition of Climber and what were they climbing?

Matterhorn from Grindjesee

The Walking Round

43) What is the only 8000m peak to have had a British first ascent?

44) Where is Dr Collie's Step?

45) What is the highest peak in the Cordillera Blanca (extra point for correct spelling)?

46) What nickname did Geoffrey Winthrop Young give to George Mallory.

47) What year did Whymper reach the summit of the Matterhorn?

48) What was the first ascent team on the Central Pillar of Freney?

49) Which mountain saw Rhienhold Messner reach the summit but tragically lose his brother on the descent?

50) Who said, “The alps themselves, which your own poets used to love so reverently, you look upon as soaped poles in a bear garden, which you set yourselves to climb and slide down again with shrieks of delight........?

Answer the questions on this thread and let's see how long it takes to get them all!

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4 Mar, 2005
4. Stefan Glowacz 7. A saucepan or frying pan. 8. Mandela 16. Malcolm Matheson a.k.a. "Horsham Bruce"
4 Mar, 2005
22. Gaia, Doug, New Statemans 24. Profit of Doom, Right Eliminate, Linden 33. David Lee Roth 35. Antoine le Menestral 38. Hamish MacInnes 43. Kangchenjunga Oh the joys of having a day off with absolutely f**k-all to do!
4 Mar, 2005
1. Cromlech 2. Hot Knives Vivian 3. Al Rouse, Pete Minks. Brian molenux 4 . Stefan Glowacz 5. 6. Putting a finger through bolt and hanging ab rope
4 Mar, 2005
7. Frying pan 8. Mandella 9. Raindogs, Racheal Farmer 10. Taboo Zizi, Minimum, Spectre, Agincourt, Rage de Vivre 11. Isn't it 4? Rowland Edwards (Sparticus), Ed Drummond and John Redhead and Pete Crew(boldest)
Need a lot more for question 1
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