VIDEO ARTICLE - The Promise, Kevin Jorgeson and Alex Honnold

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26 Nov, 2008
Brilliant effort! How an earth did The Promise ever get E10!?! Silly grading!
26 Nov, 2008
Nice one!Fair play to Kevin and Alex-amazing effort, whoever got the footage and you guys at ukc, cheers, I appreciate you guys getting the clips, you really seem to be on the ball at the moment, keep up the good work.
26 Nov, 2008
26 Nov, 2008
Yep It's an amazing effort for them both to repeat it and for it to get climbed in the first place but E10? I'd rather try that than EOTA or some other E8's there is to go at! E10's a massive grade!
26 Nov, 2008
What grade did it feel like to you? I might be tempted to give it a go if you thought it was around the E1/E2 mark...
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