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LP - on 13 Apr 2018

I have been Sentenced to a weekend away with the family to a cottage between Aberaeron and Newquay, Wales- does anyone know of any areas with a few boulders I can escape to when the board games come out?


Thanks in advance.

Dave Williams - on 13 Apr 2018
In reply to LP:

There is nothing around Aberaeron itself, although there is extensive bouldering further north at Borth. Do an online search, eg: There are some tidal issues re. access and there's a danger of being cut off by the tide. Similarly, there's stuff to do at Clarach, just north of the beach, but is not as good nor as extensive as Borth. Again, there are tidal issues here.

New Quay has some bouldering and easy climbing in the western bays below and beyond the fish factory (accessed via the old quarry on the headland above). Again. not as good nor as extensive as at Borth.

Further south there's highball stuff on Craig yr Enwau above the beach at Cwm Tydu. Again, the window of opportunity is limited as the crag's tidal.

A new guidebook - Central Wales - A climbing guide to Elenydd - should be in the shops within the next couple of months and has definitive coverage of all these areas as well as many, many others.

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sdw7300 - on 13 Apr 2018
In reply to LP:

Can't help on the climbing front, but you must have an ice cream from the Hive on the Quay in Aberaeron - it's amazing....

LP - on 15 Apr 2018

Thanks all for your fantastic replies! I used to live in Aberystwyth so have explored around there. I was looking for something on the doorstep- I am hoping to get out and explore around the fish factory area as this sounds like my best option- and having holidayed in Aberaeron for most of my child hood, I am always in the queue for the honey ice cream. Thanks again! 

Bulls Crack - on 15 Apr 2018
In reply to LP:

Sentenced to a weekend with your family? Is that not a just a holiday?!

LP - on 21 Apr 2018
In reply to Bulls Crack:

If there's no climbing, it's not a holiday; fact. 

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