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Any pointers on how to get to the Devon Sent boulder at Bovey Woods? Heading for a family Christmas and expecting a couple of sessions either on the moors or in the woods depending on weather. I have visited the woods years ago but not been back since. Does anyone have a grid reference for example?

AJM 21:14 Sun
In reply to The Connor-Crabb:

Not a grid reference, but.....

You park here:


I seem to remember there's a fairly obvious path heading into the woods about parallel to the field boundary to the left. You go along that, I think it becomes more faint (it isn't the path marked on Google, I don't think, because it doesn't intersect Little John's Walk that I recall), but you stick near ish to the edge of the wood. You come to some clean boulders where there's a few traverses and things ( Beckham Part 2 (V3)) where the path swings right a bit. From there I don't recall as much of a path (you don't swing right) but you keep heading in the same direction as you've come from, down the hill. 

Ged Desforges 21:20 Sun
In reply to AJM:

From the parking, follow the faint path along the edge of the field (not the main oath), when you get to some boulders head left a bit, which is still following the field in a different direction. Blunder around down that way a bit and you'll find it. You'll be above it, so it looks very un impressive until you're right below it.

about here I reckon... 

Dropped pin

Near Bearacleave Wood, Newton Abbot


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Niek 09:49 Mon

I've got a photo of it that my phone has geotagged as: 50.6031441,-3.6766777


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