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I am I good for first time?

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 Jack Daly 06 Nov 2019

Hi, I am 13 and whenever me and my schoolmates have done any sort of climbing activity I have beaten them by far. After a year and a half of this, I decided I would start going bouldering regularly and I have just finished my first bouldering session and for the first half I had an instructor and for the second it was just me and my dad. I managed to complete what I’m 90 percent sure was a v3/v4 problem. This was my first time. Is this good? I’m trying to decide if I should continue, not that I didn’t like it, I loved it but if this isn’t good, if I am not good then there’s probably no point. Any replies are appreciated. Thanks.👍Jack. Also sorry for boasting in the first bit, that sounded sort of stuck up 😂

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In reply to Jack Daly:

This reads like a troll, but I’ll bite: no, it’s nothing special, however, if at 13 years old that’s the more important question to you than ‘did I enjoy it/would I like to do it again’ then I don’t know what to tell ya. 

 tehmarks 06 Nov 2019
In reply to Jack Daly:

Do what makes you happy, what makes you feel good, what is fulfilling. Being good at it is a bonus secondary to actually enjoying it.

If you loved climbing, keep climbing. Simple.

 marsbar 06 Nov 2019
In reply to Jack Daly:

Hey Jack.  I have no idea but I do know if you are only 13 you should be careful using your full name on social media.  

Also it doesn't matter if you are good or not.  Do you enjoy it?  Can you improve? In the end its about beating your own previous best not competing against others I think.  

But others might disagree. 

 JLS 06 Nov 2019
In reply to Jack Daly:

Climbing is only for people that are rubbish at football. Have you ever scored a goal? The answer to this question will be crucial in determining your prospects as a climber.

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 Qwerty2019 07 Nov 2019
In reply to Jack Daly:

Hey jack.  Any climb is good as long as you enjoy it.  I see groups of similar aged lads as you every week at the walls.  They can usually get up the level you are talking about through sheer athleticism because they are young fit lads.  There is usually one of the group (probably the one who has invited his mates along) who can climb a bit better.  Has a little technique and some promise.  Is that you?

Truth be told I have seen climbers aged 7-8 climb at the standard you mention so no it’s not going to Mark you out from the norm.  But I have seen teenagers like yourself get the climbing bug and very quickly smash V7 and above because they have taken to it and have that youthful exuberance. 

By the way, you sound like my son.  Unless he feels like he has talent or going to be successful at a sport he won’t give it a chance.  It saddens me what you may miss out on

 mcdougal 07 Nov 2019
In reply to Jack Daly:

V3 for a first timer is pretty good going, I'd say. Stick at it, climb lots, and enjoy it. If you keep the bug you're young enough to get really strong. 

 Phil79 07 Nov 2019
In reply to Jack Daly:

Forget the grade.

Did you have fun and did it feel good?

If so crack on - it could be the start of a lifetime of awesome adventure and enjoyment.

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