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 carr0t 08 Feb 2024

Hi Guys,

planning on heading down from aberdeen to northumberland for some bouldering this weekend and I am short of a guidebook. I seem to be a bit stuffed, as nowhere seems to stock them. Can anybody help with one of the following:

1- A tip on where I can buy one (not online)?

2- Anybody wiling to sell / loan one between aberdeen and berwick upon tweed?

3- Willing to share some pictures of one or two crags? Shaftoe, Bowden Doors, Back Bowden in particular?

4- Looking to meet up for a spot of bouldering in the area? Preferably one of the more popular spots.

5- Online resources / topos?

Thanks guys.

 Macleod 08 Feb 2024
In reply to carr0t:

Barring a significant improvement in tomorrow's forecast, I'd look for a different area of the country (if anywhere will be dry that is). Widespread heavy rain tomorrow + drizzle overnight - so everything likely to be soggy on Saturday followed by more rain Sunday. 

 PaulJepson 08 Feb 2024
In reply to Macleod:

Second this. Northumberland sandstone is soft and delicate when wet. Please don't go bouldering on it if the rock is wet - you may ruin it forever. That kind of sandstone can take days to dry out properly and it is unlikely to in this cold and damp weather. Save it for crisp, dry days when you will have a much better time!

 Ian W 08 Feb 2024
In reply to carr0t:

Whsat the others have said; climbing in northumberland is going to be a deeply unpleasant experience this weekend. Everything is very soggy at the moment, and the forecast is pretty grim except for a few hours on saturday.

 Andrew23 09 Feb 2024
In reply to carr0t:

Agree with what others have said: it's going to be far too wet.

But if you are heading down another (drier) time and need to borrow the guide send me a message and you can borrow mine. I'm based in Dunbar just of the A1

OP carr0t 09 Feb 2024
In reply to Andrew23:

Appreciate the offer Andrew, that's very kind of you.

I guess I'll have a look elsewhere

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