Shetland bouldering

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 yamithrain 28 Jun 2024

Does anyone has some details about bouldering in Shetlands?

I have boulder Scotland, SMC northern Highlands and the Shetland specific guidebooks but info is limited to how to get to the crag rather than info about the problems. seemed to have detailed info but the website is down and the waybackmachine website is no use because nobody made a snapshot.

 nuischimney 28 Jun 2024
In reply to yamithrain Shetland Climbing by Al Whitworth has some boulders/venues in it, There was a few new boulders put up near Longa Geo near Quarff 2023, one was mine. 

grab a mat go climb a boulder its almost guaranteed to be a new route 

 colin.morrison 01 Jul 2024
In reply to yamithrain:


Troswick is the best bouldering venue I’ve been to in Shetland. Think it was Andrew Hunter, myself and a couple of others maybe that did the first ascents in 2016 but I don’t think Andrew ever got round to writing them up or recording them. Plenty other places with one or good problems though. The bouldering is in a Geo a couple hundred meters east of the beach on a sloping shelf.

OP yamithrain 04 Jul 2024
In reply to colin.morrison:

Thanks for the reply. I was there two days ago and got drenched but it looked decent so I might go back to it. Bouldering Scotland described one wall which looks like the highlight.

Hamnavoe has some good highballs but I'm biased because it is where my accomodation is.

OP yamithrain 04 Jul 2024
In reply to nuischimney:

I understand that someone can climb any random piece of rock and potentially have a good time. My thinking was that my time on Shetland is limited so I was hoping to optimize my climbing time by going to the decent stuff rather than questing around.

I might have a look at Quarff as it is quite easy to get to.

 Billhook 05 Jul 2024
In reply to nuischimney:

I worked at Sullom Voe for 3 years in the late 1970s.  Every route  we climbed on the sea cliffs were probably new.  We never recorded them.

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