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 SteveSBlake 22 Nov 2020

Hi Folks,

You may have noticed that as this lockdown became a reality I did not repeat the post about access that I made during lockdown 1 to avoid crags and locations. I did this because I believe the wider community who facilitate and in many cases permit our activities are more sanguine about the issue than during the first lockdown. And this is generally the case.

However, do not think our activities go unobserved. I have been contacted by one landowner concerned that folks have been ignoring the rules, congregating and mixing in a way that we shouldn't be.

They have politely asked that folks visiting the location make every effort to stick to the rules such as they are. And of course, we should.

I'm not going to say where this was as the point applies to all the locations we visit, and the source does not want to be perceived as unwelcoming - they understand how important our access to crags is to us. But as this example shows, we need to be seen to be complying with the rules. Travel separately, or in your family bubble, meet up with your one significant other and otherwise stay away from other pairs or bubbles and don't congregate. If the crag or area is busy then go somewhere else. There are dozens of venues, avoid the honeypots.

It's really not too much trouble to do this and we only have a week or so to go. We will have to see what December brings, but until then please, it is important to be seen to be doing the right thing.

All the best,


This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.
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