Avon Gorge - A4 Portway travel consultation

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 Colin Knowles 10 Oct 2023

Under the BMC banner we have prepared a response to the A4 Portway Engagement 2023.

Our comments and proposals are summarised below.

This consultation is the best chance in the last twenty years to get the kinds of improvements we need.

So please do fill in the survey at

Our comments:

- Disappointed that the Portway is regarded as just a through route, when in our view it is also a destination

- Supportive of the introduction of the outbound bus lane

- Supportive of the reduction in speed limits

- Concerned at the lack of separation between cyclists and pedestrians on the riverside pavement

- Supportive of a Toucan crossing at Seawalls

- Urge the installation of paving & a mid-way refuge where the Fairyland Path meets the Portway

- Urge the installation of a proper (Pelican) crossing where the Zig-Zag Path meets the Portway

- Very strongly propose bus stops, either a pair at Main Wall (Great Quarry) or a pair at Seawalls and another near Bridge Valley Road

- Request the installation of cycle hoops at New Quarry, Main Wall (Great Quarry) and Ampitheatre/SBB (St Vincents Rocks)

- Urge the regular removal of pigeon droppings and an annual clearance of vegetation off the east-side paving

The full response can be downloaded from We won't submit it until you've had a chance to view and make your comments.

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 Becky E 10 Oct 2023
In reply to Colin Knowles:

I'm not a local, but your response to the consultation looks really good. It picks up on some of the issues we've noted when we've climbed there whilst visiting family.  I've always been impressed at how many people I've seen cycling along the cycle way, but getting across the road to the various climbing locations would be... interesting... without refuge islands.  Also walking along the roadside is horrible!  Cycle hoops would be great: I'd love to cycle from our family's home the crag, and be able to secure the bikes.

OP Colin Knowles 11 Oct 2023
In reply to Becky E:

Thanks for your support, Becky - appreciated

In reply to Colin Knowles:

Great work Colin. 

I'll fill in the survey now. If there's anything else I can do to aid the cause let me know.

 slawrence1001 12 Oct 2023
In reply to Colin Knowles:

Excellent response.

I’m sick of walking in a bus lane just to reach main wall when the lay-by is full

 Becky E 12 Oct 2023
In reply to Colin Knowles:

Please let us know when you've submitted the response, and then I'll send in one that says "I agree with everything Colin said"

OP Colin Knowles 12 Oct 2023
In reply to slawrence1001:

Thanks. I know _exactly_ what you are talking about

 pencilled in 12 Oct 2023
In reply to Colin Knowles:

Sorry Colin, is this survey a council one? I’ve filled it in anyway but is the council familiar with crag names? 

 Cheese Monkey 12 Oct 2023
In reply to pencilled in:

Main wall/area is known as Great Quarry and Amphitheatre Buttress as St Vincent's Rocks. Sea Walls is Sea Walls

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