Big wobbly block @ Stoney

Hi All,

"Nowt About Change" has a large wobbly block right by the 2nd bolt. 

Nowt about Change (6b)

I didn't touch it personally but the guy who was on the route, and told me, pretty swiftly retreated and left for another crag!

Not sure what the protocol is, do I go when it's quiet and turf it out or by reporting it will somebody else sort it out! Happy to help with it's removal.

In reply to McKEuan:

Many of the easier things on Garage Buttress have plenty of loose rock, especially this particular route.  It was certainly a route needing plenty of care earlier this year,  but perhaps more reliable higher up.

In reply to McKEuan:

If it's very loose, dangerous and you have to use it on the route remove it, if not leave it, limestone has taken millions of years to form and fall, it doesn't need any help nature will sort it out or some ham fisted climber.

 dr_botnik 11 Sep 2021
In reply to McKEuan:

Pretty sure I climbed this earlier in the year and it was possible to avoid the loose blocks without any increase in grade.

I get the impression from your post you didn't climb the route. My first advice would be to assess the suspect rock before attempting any sort of removal. I don't think it would set a good precedent for amateur climbers to go around the peak with a crowbar decimating any semblance of loose rock on the say so of some other unknown individual. Where would we draw the line? Should we all attack virgin king with a crowbar because our mate thought it was a bit dodgy?

In reply to dr_botnik:

100% agree, I just didn't want to drag it off myself. The guy went about green and left the crag shortly after!

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