Eastby kestrels nesting?

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I was hoping to make a trip up to the northern grit over Easter and finally tick Eastby Buttress, which has been on my to-do list for a long time, but I've just noticed on the logbook and RAD that kestrels often nest on that very route.

Does anyone know if they've nested this year?

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Allthough this doesn't help at all, and hopefully a local will know...

I was in exactly the same position a few years ago with pillar front, and posted on here, unfortunately dispite its quality Eastby seems a quite moderately infrequented crag and the general consensus was "go and have a look" whitch I did, its pretty roadside, i  couldn't spot any birds and cracked on. Crookrise is just around the corner so it's not like it will be a wasted trip if a nest is there.

 Sabilly1 05 Apr 2022
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If your trip is a couple of week away i could maybe get out this weekend and have look and let you know  

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Don't go out of your way for me - Crookrise looks like a good alternative if Eastby ends up being out. Appreciate the offer though!

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I don't know why anyone would give you a dislike for that pragmatic and useful advice, but thanks for the suggestion, I appreciate it. Divorced from the guidebook currently so haven't had a good chance to look at what is where in relation to what else, and North Yorkshire sits in the gap between the areas I do know quite well.

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Likewise, the reason Eastby appealed is that it has some 3 star routes at all grades and is an area I didn't know at all (slabs on the right side of the crag are scary though!) 

Crookrise is a great crag and only 15 mins drive, rylestone is a bit further, but a lovely crag with some amazing lower grade routes.

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> rylestone is a bit further, but a lovely crag with some amazing lower grade routes.

I had a three day solo bouldering session at the Cracoe Memorial boulders in 2020 and have wanted to go back to do some proper routes ever since. Hoping to wander by and get on the two classic slabs there the same weekend. I don't often get an excuse to climb on the grit further north than the Ladybower Reservoir, so I feel I need to make the most of it and get everything done that I want to do while I have a willing partner.

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 Rick Sewards 10 Apr 2022
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No kestrels nesting (or anywhere in the vicinity of the crag) on Friday 8th when I was there (for the first time - lovely place).  As others have mentioned, it's close to the road and you can see the crag while you're walking in (the path takes you straight to the foot of Eastby Buttress) so it's easy to look out for them as you approach/gear up, and either head to one of the outlying buttresses or another crag if they are there. 


 gethin_allen 08 May 2022
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No Kestrels nesting around the eastby buttress as of yesterday. We did see one flying around further east down the crag but it seemed to be hunting a good distance away from the crag.

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