Is Marine Drive Llandudno open again?

 SDM 09 Sep 2021

I drove past Llandudno one evening last week and both Marine Drive and St Tudno's road were closed.

The signs suggested they were night closures but, according to the times/dates on the signs, they should have been open when I went past so I don't have any faith in the accuracy of the information on the signs.

Does anyone know if they are open again now and, if not, do you know if they are closed all day or only at certain times?

I wasn't sure if the closures were for the Tour of Britain and a motorbike rally which have both now passed or if they are for some other reason.

I'm hoping to squeeze in some short sessions at Parisellas this week but having to find parking elsewhere and walk in would eat into my short available windows.

 Andrew Wilson 09 Sep 2021
In reply to SDM:

Marine drive was open on Sunday. I don’t recall seeing any signs. 


 SDM 09 Sep 2021
In reply to Andrew Wilson:

Excellent, thanks. Sounds like it's fully open again then.

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