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OneMoveTooMany on 11 Apr 2018

Just so people are aware the BMC RAD page for Clemitt's Crag has been updated, the crag/boulders should be avoided until further notice:

A report was received on 26th Mar 2018 that a climber preparing to approach the crag from the road was challenged by a game keeper and told that climbing was not permitted on the crag. Subsequently, information received via the NYMNP Ranger confirmed that the Head Keeper does NOT want climbing on this crag, wishing it to be available as a bird "reserve". The main crag is not on Open Access land so there is no automatic right to climb on it.  As the more significant Danby Crag is on the same estate and currently enjoys seasonally restrictive access, climbers are requested to abide by the restriction on Clemmits until further notice.

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James Oakes - on 11 Apr 2018
In reply to OneMoveTooMany:

> bird "reserve"

Funny kind of bird reserve. Last time I was there I happened across a huge corvid trap full of half dead crows. Guess it is reserved for pheasants only. 


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