Raven's Nest Giggleswick North

 Dave Musgrove 03 Apr 2021

There appears to be a new raven's Nest on Ivy Buttress at the left end of Giggleswick Scar North. It is not yet clear whether the nest is still active or abandoned but please avoid this buttress for the next few days until breeding is confirmed or otherwise. This buttress is isolated from rest of the crag so climbing can continue on all other sectors. 

 nigel baker 03 Apr 2021
In reply to Dave Musgrove:

Also nesting peregrines at Malham Cove. Same place as last year, I believe. Look out for the signage .

Also possible Ravens nest on a buttress left of Langcliffe Skyline. It shouldn’t affect climbing but best be aware.

It also appears that there’s no Ravens at High Stony Bank this year. So no crag closure.

Peregrines haven’t taken up residence in Langcliffe Quarry but in neighbouring Giggleswick. What may inhibit access is a large building project next to the parking. Work already seems to have started near the old buildings. Access to the quarry and Skyline may become problematic. Watch this space 


Nigel Baker

BMC Yorkshire Limestone Rep.

In reply to Dave Musgrove:

Re my earlier message re Raven's nest Gigg north. This has been checkecked out by YDNPA staff and there is no sign of current nesting activity. There is no need to continue avoiding Ivy Buttress routes.

Thanks for your co-operation.

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