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Graham Ad 20:04 Wed

A little later this year due to arborist availability,  the next sector at Harrison’s Rocks  - Harrison's Rocks - the area below The Vice is being cut this week and will be ready for clearance over the coming weekend 18th and 19th January.

Harrison’s Rocks Management Group (HRMG) have asked for SVG help with the clearance of arisings.

The plan is to meet in the car park at Harrison’s at 09:30 on each day where there will be a full briefing, explaining what work is to be done, where the work is and giving a full safety briefing. The last part is important and particularly so for those who may join later. If that applies to you, please find the person in charge before starting any work.

The work will consist of clearing the arisings from the tree cutting, moving the trunks to habitat piles or where they are required for revetment work and lining footpaths with the brash.

There will also be other work cutting back Sycamore and other saplings that have re-grown in areas cut in previous years and any new or replacement revetment work that is required.

There's plenty to be done and a good turnout would be very much appreciated.

Parking is £4 a day at Harrison’s and it would help if you could share transport. The BMC will cover reasonable parking costs – please retain your ticket and let the person in charge on the day have them after the day’s work so that we can recover the costs.

As in the past, if you have a bowsaw, loppers, pruners etc. please bring them along but there is plenty of work to be done that doesn’t require tools.

Old clothes and boots, gardening gloves and waterproofs if it’s wet. Please don’t wear your best ‘Arcteryx’ gear! Bring a packed lunch and a drink please!

We will have a qualified first aider on site both days but if you have first aid qualifications, please let the day’s event coordinator know.


Graham Adcock. SVG Coordinator.

Graham Ad 12:43 Fri
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Just wanted to bump this back up in case there is anyone else who can give us a hand?