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Static rope hanging down Circe, Stoney Middleton

Does anyone know what the score is with the red static that's been left lying down Circe for the past few weeks? It looks like a new line has been bolted up and left, and there's a couple of in-situ rope draws in Circe itself, so I'm presuming the two are connected; however, it seems a little odd to have left the static hanging for the best part of a month. As such, it's been removed. 

If it's yours a) sorry b) don't do it again and c) drop me a line and we can arrange a rendezvous.

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In reply to Rob Greenwood - UKClimbing:

Are people supposed to be bolting new lines near Circe?


In reply to johncoxmysteriously:

There is a precedent of this already, with Kink (E5 6b) and Kinky (7c) - both of which are on Windy Buttress - not to mention the great many sport climbs over on nearby Garage Buttress.

As such, I'm not overly concerned - at least not for the time being. It's an isolated route with what appears to be quite an independent line. If more cropped up criss-crossing the buttress and encroaching on the existing trad routes then I'd feel different, but this looks fairly logical (plus it's not like Circe is exactly the most ethically pure trad route anyway, as it's got a couple of bolts in).

For those who are interested, the fixed rope mystery has now been solved - someone broke their foot on it a few weeks ago and nobody had come back to sort out the rigging.