November Film thread

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 Sean Kelly 05 Nov 2021

Watched 'the Harder they Fall' last night. No that's a lie. I watched one hour of the film. I couldn't take any more. What a load of vile dribble. Violence followed by yet more violence. It seemed non-stop. The dialogue was mostly incessant profanities to make any meaning script unfathomable. A plot was near non-existant. The music, if you could call it that was totally unsuitable. I mean Rap in a western? No this was a complete load of bo**ocks and Idris Elba was wasted in more ways than one. Compare this to Luther. Just no comparision. If I had gone to the cinema I would be asking for my money back. Sorry to post this but it's how I felt.

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 Rampart 08 Nov 2021
In reply to Sean Kelly:

I assumed it was meant to be taken as a Tarantino-esque somewhat tongue-in-cheek Western 'style' film (with a similarly relaxed approach to appropriate music and dialogue), rather than a period piece. There's a bit of a twist at the end that brings the story together a bit. 

 Tom Valentine 08 Nov 2021
In reply to Sean Kelly:

Snap. Couldn't sit through it.

 philipivan 08 Nov 2021
In reply to Sean Kelly:

I also thought it was awful, I was happy with something mindless, but that was beyond terrible. Switched to Baby Driver instead which was ridiculous but I thought, entertaining. 

In terms of cinema, I went to see Dune and thought it was totally excellent. 

 65 08 Nov 2021
In reply to philipivan:

> In terms of cinema, I went to see Dune and thought it was totally excellent. 

I saw Dune last week and thought it was great. I've never read any of the books and have zero interest in sci-fi/fantasy. 

Also saw No Time to Die recently. Enjoyed it hugely, but I have a soft spot for Bond films, especially the Craig ones.

 Offwidth 16 Nov 2021
In reply to 65:

After a long stretch of 'good but not good enough', too much mediocracy and some not quite 'comedically bad enough' sci-fi, I at last have a genuine movie gem to recommend to these threads:

Vice... a satirical portrayal of Dick Cheney in the context of Republican dirty tricks from Nixon onwards.

A stellar cast with some amazing make-overs (I didn't recognise the lead actor for the first 10 minutes) and from the same Director as the brilliant, The Big Short, with some of his characteristic stylistic inserts. Not quite as good as that.. but getting there.

Some critics have said it's mean spirited, completely missing that that's the point (or in the spirit of the themes of the movie, maybe they were being craven).

Onto two others ...covid themed...

No Time to Die was my ironic return to the physical cinema... Not much to add to the other earlier views here.....a more woke Bond for a more woke time but about average for the latest series (let down by a better main villain despatched too early). Very good overall.

Dune was a most apt film to be watching in the time of the mask in an almost empty cinema. It was excellent in most respects but lacked the depth of character and familial emotional connection to reach true classic status.

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In reply to Sean Kelly:

Watched Spencer this afternoon, an entertaining gothic fable based on Princess Diana enduring a nightmarish Xmas with the rest of the royals while her marriage collapses. Impressive performance by Kristen Stewart, who is barely off screen as Diana. Some sharp scripting by Steven Knight (Peaky Blinders), gives her some blackly comic one-liners.  Reality and dream/hallucination are intertwined throughout, to particularly good effect when a pearl necklace meets what looks like pea soup. Preposterous and requiring some significant suspension of disbelief - just like the monarchy itself. 7/10.

 Sean Kelly 16 Nov 2021
In reply to Andy Clarke:

One for the ladies, I imagine?

In reply to Rampart:

I got round to watching this on Netflix tonight and I also enjoyed it. As a highly stylised, toned-down-Tarantino-ish revisionist Western I thought it worked pretty well. I liked the way the soundtrack crammed in so many genres where the artists are primarily black: rap, reggae/dub, afrobeat, gospel etc and felt it was just as effective as Cave, Harvey et al soundtracking the magnificent Peaky Blinders. Plenty of sharp comedy in the dialogue and visual gags too. And all topped off with some excellent millinery.

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