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I need travel insurance for at least 3 months but probably more like 6 months for a trip starting in Nepal and ending god knows where.
I will be trekking but nothing hugely high and hopefully bouldering and maybe some sport climbing.
I also have multiple sclerosis, with no major flare ups in recent year.

So who will insure me? Seems like a bloody minefield!

Thanks for your advice
The Marmot - on 12 Jul 2017
In reply to kellyb (velvet.mustard):

Try 'world first' they have quite a pragmatic approach to covering serious illness for travel.

Good luck

Crispy Haddock on 12 Jul 2017
In reply to kellyb (velvet.mustard):

Try InsureWith

Best wishes
In reply to kellyb (velvet.mustard):

Thank you!

They both looks great! World First look amazing and my condition is actually covered and its not totally eye watering! Lovely
mypyrex - on 13 Jul 2017
In reply to kellyb (velvet.mustard):

I had Lymphoma three years ago and have insured for basic travel insurance with "Insurewith" and renewed my AAC membership to cover mountain rescue.

Apart from a fairly routine medical screening exercise Insurewith seem pretty good so far. They accepted my medical history without any extra premium.

Hope this is of some help.
David Hillebrandt - on 14 Jul 2017
In reply to kellyb (velvet.mustard):

I have a fairly complex personal past medical history and often advise mountaineers with pre existing medical conditions. I recommend World First based in Exeter. I have an annual policy for up to 4000m covering climbing, skiing and kayaking. This year I have excluded the USA to save on the premium.

I have visited their office and spoken to their managing director. To offer this service they have invested in a complex but sensible computer programme for risk assessment. If you obtain a phone quote allow an hour for giving the details they need. their questions are medically sensible but detailed. Their cover is not cheap but tends to realistically reflect medical risk.

For pure rescue I also use the Austrian Alpine Club membership policy.

I should say I have never had to make a claim and hope I never do.

I wish you well on your travels.

David Hillebrandt
Pedro50 on 15 Jul 2017
In reply to kellyb (velvet.mustard):

Staysure have driven me almost insane with their adverts on IT4 during the TdF. Perhaps not though.
In reply to David Hillebrandt:

Thanks! Yeah they look great and ask me actual sensible questions about my condition.
I also have AAC as well so I think I should be covered now haha

Bit of a relief knowing I can travel freely with no concerns!

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