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 GermanAlex 09 Mar 2022

We’ve just come back from 4 days climbing in Wadi Rum (well, Wadi um Ishrin) and want to explore some other sites.

As this all happened on the fly we’re pretty light on intel, could anyone recommend particular excursions in Dena nature reserve?

Despite my cynicism about its extremely touristy nature Petra is also on the list, if you’ve been to any outdoorsy persons must-sees in Jordan let me know

Any info/ personal experience greatly appreciated!

In reply to GermanAlex:

Dana is great, we stayed somewhere at the top and walked down to a posh evo lodge thing at the bottom whitch took a day. This was several years ago. I wanted to do some of the gorges around their as well but it was the wrong season. 

Petra is well worth a visit we stayed in the town and if you get there when it opens before the coaches you can avoid the crowd, the site is massive.

The Dead Sea is also worth a trip for something very different 

 Solaris 09 Mar 2022
In reply to GermanAlex:

I *think* one of Tony Howard's guides gives some suggestions for Dana.

Petra is very well worth spending time at. If you spend one day there, you'll probably feel you've only scraped the surface. For example, there are many different ways in and out, each taking you to a different part of the site, each with its own character, and it's easy enough to escape the tourists. I've spent 6 or 7 days there in total and have taken, I think, 7 different routes to/from the centre of the site but I know that there's still a lot more to explore. Again, there's an excellent guide by Tony Howard which will illustrate some of what I mean.

Oh, and on my first trip – with my wife – I was offered two wives and one camel.

 Inhambane 10 Mar 2022
In reply to GermanAlex:

Walking from dana to petra is very good takes about 4 days you'll need a guide to help with logistics and supplies. I think at one point it was in nat geos top ten list. 

Walking the back way into Petra from little Petra is very recommended easy trails found online.  

There are also some climbs located in the little Petra area and the Shoback area. 

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