/ Kalymnos climbing on own (with family)

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gavjwp - on 23 Apr 2013
I'm thinking of a 3weeks there in August with the (non-climbing) wife and 14month old child. How easy is it to hook up with a partner? i may be lucky to get a belay if theres any easy access crags.
Can anyone answer my questions please.
Constant Solo - on 27 Apr 2013
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Not too difficult despite it not being peak season. I would put a call out on the forum. Also there are message boards at the climbing shops in missouri where people are always looking for climbing partners. Lastly you could try befriending a group of climbers on the ferry over.
oaktree - on 27 Apr 2013
In reply to gavjwp: I'll be hot-with a capital H
richardhopton - on 27 Apr 2013
In reply to gavjwp:

I always go in August, its peak for the beach but by all accounts quieter at the crags than your Sep - Dec climbing peak.

I always go early doors, 7am - 1130am when the sun hits the crags then on the beach for the afternoon which keeps the girlfriend happy. On a good day she may even let us climb after 5pm when the suns off the rocks.

I stay in Massouri and hire a scooter for cheap. Climbing is generally 10 mins scooter and 5-30 mins walk ins.

Plenty of people you could snatch a belay with or pre organise a few morning meet ups before you fly out on the Kaly message board.
mux - on 28 Apr 2013
In reply to gavjwp: I regularly go in the summer and also have a non climbing family in tow. This year I will be there in July

I would recommend putting an add in the climbers nest (if its still open)or even the bakery next to mikes bikes. You could also put a card in one of the climbers bars and speak to Steve and Sue at galaros bar.

Keep your phone on you and check your emails.

I have found many partners in the past from all over the world, most were great company.

as for the heat, well your man above nailed it, get up early and climb till the sun hits then hit the beach. It keeps everyone happy.

Enjoy its a great place.

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