Northumberland Bouldering

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 Strontium Dog 09 Jan 2022

Thinking of going to Northumberland at the end of January, beginning of February for a few days bouldering. Will any crags be dry, sheltered and which ones dry quickly after rain.

I've been to Kyloe a few time, but fancy trying some other areas. What will Shaftoe be like? 

Thanks for any info.


 SteveSBlake 09 Jan 2022
In reply to Strontium Dog

The weather has been decidedly 'iffy' of late up here and many of the crags are saturated inside which means even a little rain knocks them out of condition and vulnerable.  TBH I wouldn't recommend traveling up here in Jan/Feb as you with a bit of rain could be disappointed, or, end up feeling pressured to climb (by the journey) when stuff looks ok, but isn't. 

Climbing in the County is possible at this time of year, and folks are getting out, but they are mostly  locals taking advantage of weather windows, going to the right places and trying the right climbs/problems. (Mostly...)

There is a Northumbrian Weather and Conditions FB page you can join which you might find useful.



 Strontium Dog 09 Jan 2022
In reply to SteveSBlake:

Thanks for the info Steve, much appreciated. Had a look at the FB page and it doesn't look promising at the moment. I'll keep looking and make a decision when the conditions are better and the rock can take a bit of rain and still dry out.


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