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Given how busy everything is and Covid, any ideas on campsites in the peak for last min availability or those that don’t take bookings. This weekend. Camper van. We could just park up but it would be nice to get the deckchairs out! 

Curbar area ideally but really not too fussed on the where. As long as it’s near some crags or quarries. 


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Lane end farm at between litton and Stoney opened this July and looks good if you want a small campsite.

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Try Stocking farm in Calver:

the owner has sadly gone a bit deaf but he’s quite responsive to emails:


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 heleno 20 Jul 2021
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We've found that many campsites are getting last-minute cancellations - because they've been offering flexible cancellation policies to encourage booking during the pandemic.

So if you don't manage to find somewhere ahead of time, try ringing the day before, or even on the day you intend to arrive - somebody may have cried off at the last minute.

 PaulJepson 20 Jul 2021
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If you don't mind leaving the van in a carpark and trotting up the hill with a tent, Eric Bynes always has space. 

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There's a great little site in Chinley that never seems to be full...Chinley Camping is its name.

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Thanks all.  Some really good suggestions.  Sorted now!  Just in time for the storms.  

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