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I know from searches in forums that Ibiza is not a popular destination topic on UKC but alas, me and my partner have just booked a last minute deal and do not have time to get a guidebook delivered. 

Can anyone who's been say if they saw a rack of guidebooks in any of the shops?

(we're pretty confident we'll find one as all other European destinations seem to keep the local shops pretty well stocked and even if we don't find one we're happy to "true on-sight" everything and use good old clip-stick to rescue us if we end up stuck above our ability)

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 Enty 01 May 2022
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I climbed on Ibiza a few years ago. I didn't have a guide but I printed off all the best looking topos from this site here:

I had one good afternoon at sector Faders in between getting smashed. It was in the shade but warm and greasy.


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Great resource. Thank you for sharing. 

In reply to Martin Southville:

Have now returned from Ibiza and can say that physical guidebooks are rare on the island. I found many shops with multiple walking guides, cycling routes and trail maps, but climbing guides were not among them.

One person advised we visit Hiperbole book shop in Ibiza town which apparently does sell climbing guidebooks, however we later discovered that one does not simply "pop" into Ibiza town. It was impossible to find parking in the congested streets so we never managed to exit our hire car to browse the shop. Parking further away was not an option with a foot injury. 

Luckily the same guy forwarded me a PDF of a german language guidebook and with a little help from Google translate over the excellent 4G phone signal across the island we made our way to a beautiful little crag that had been re-bolted (apparently the original fixed gear on Ibiza is notoriously corroded so look for the crags touched by the local re-bolting project). We had the place to ourselves and there was no polish. Sadly I bruised my heel in a fall and was on crutches for the rest of the holiday but that 1 crag, with those 30m 15 bolt 6a routes, the turquoise sea and the swifts flitting about above us, was a pretty idyllic place to limp away from, using a clipstick as a walking stick. 

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