/ AAC insurance good enough for Switzerland?

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ablackett - on 21 Jul 2014
I have read that Austrian Alpine Club membership comes with free search and rescue insurance in the Alps. But someone on here said that they thought the limits on the cover weren't good enough for a prolonged stay in a Swiss hospital.

Does anyone have any experience or further details on this?

I understand that I need to get regular travel insurance to top it up.

hokkyokusei - on 21 Jul 2014
ablackett - on 21 Jul 2014
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Says here "at a reduced cost" any ideas what that means?
alimckay on 21 Jul 2014
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I'm not sure how much the EHIC covers or if AAC insurance will be enough in Switzerland but this is my experience.

My friend had a fall and was concussed. He was helicopter off the climb and taken to hospital. Obviously that will have to be covered by insurance. However, in the hospital we were surprised that everything was covered by the EHIC. This included assessments, full body CT scan and 2 nights in a very nice hospital for observations.

FWIW I went with AAC insurance for this trip and I think it would be enough for anything other than multiple major surgeries.
jo86 - on 25 Jul 2014
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Did my knee in this winter skiing in France. My experience of AAC is.

E111 will cover most of it, but there may be a percentage left to pay. In France approx 20%, but will vary in each country depending on what locals get from state.

AAC will not pay this remaining amount you will have to front the money and claim it back off NHS.

The Tirol air ambulance, people who provide emergency assistance cover we're very helpful on the phone and spoke good english. Unfortunately Couldn't help me with medical expense but think there more there for sourcing helicopters etc.

So basically think (hope) the medi cover is of use outside E11 countries.

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