Accomodation in Chamonix

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 MisterPiggy 25 Jul 2021

Hello All,

I'm looking into accommodation options in Chamonix for this coming September.

I had banked on bivvying but have frankly been turned off by tales of turd tumuli crowding any suitable site and zealous officials chasing off sleepy climbers. So looking at cheap hotel, where I don't have to share my room - covid oblige. In normal times a hostel would be just fine. Unless it's chucking it down, I plan to be outside when not actually asleep.

I came across Hotel Rockypop. The photos/comments on TripAdvisor make it seem ok, and the prices are good for my dates.

Has anyone stayed there, and if so, how was it?

UKC inputs welcome.

Thanks ! j 😀

 cdpej 25 Jul 2021
In reply to MisterPiggy:

Rockypop is down in Les Houches.  not ideal if you are climbing (especially if you don't have a car).  try  Newly taken over by a brit and lots of brits drink there so a good place for meeting others unless your French is good.  Its just next to the Gaillands crag.  I have never stayed there but I hear good reports and the food is certainly good.  

 MisterPiggy 27 Jul 2021
In reply to cdpej:

Thanks for the recommendation, I'll look into it.

Have a good week, j 😀

 MattJ753 27 Jul 2021
In reply to MisterPiggy:

"Chalet-Ski-Station à Chamonix-Mont-Blanc" 

This place is (was?) cheaper than Vert hotel, plus better location, and ran by a friendly chilled out lady...but a bit more basic. Stayed in both, preferred this one. Less than 5 mins to town, 10 mins to Midi. 10 seconds to Brevant.

Not sure it does private rooms though.

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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.
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