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cal.mac on 03 Apr 2018


I'm going to be working in Switzerland for six months and I'll still be a UK resident for tax/ insurance purposes. While I'm there I will be covered under my companies policy for normal day to day stuff but it does not cover above 3000m, climbing, glacier crossing etc. I've tried AAC but they said I'd need to buy cover for the full six months, as do all the other companies I've checked with. This is difficult to justify as I'll probably only be in the mountains for 10 to 14 days over the six months. Does anyone know of a company that lets you buy individual days of cover or have any other solution that means I'm paying less than £70 a day for cover?





jon on 03 Apr 2018
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Look at REGA perhaps.

Haf42 - on 30 Apr 2018
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I live in Zurich. You need rega for mountain rescue otherwise they charge you for the helicopter that's 30 for the year and definitely worth having.

Above that it's law for your company to provide accident insurance in you're living in Switzerland for over 3 months I think, and that covers extreme sports.

Pm me if you need more info

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cal.mac on 15 May 2018

Thanks for the ideas guys.

I think it's more trouble than its worth to try and get my company to provide better insurance. The hr department are not very on it. Only occured to them I'd need a permit a couple of weeks before I started here.  I think I'm going to go with true traveler  closer to the time and use their ''already traveling" option. Works out an ok price if I assume I'll only need it for around two months.







Maarten2 on 29 May 2018
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Become a member of the Austria Alpine Club and get their insurance?  I think basic insurance will cover lots of weekends - as often as you like..?  Worth checking.  Plus you get the discount if you're staying in SAC huts..

alpinero - on 30 May 2018
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If he remains a UK resident, then practically he'll be abroad, "travelling" for 6 months. The OeAV's insurance only covers you in the first 3 weeks or so.

iknowfear on 30 May 2018
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i think HR would be much more forthcoming if they knew you had to be covered, and that they are in non-compliance...:

SUVA (national accident insurance) covers Climbing & Mountaineering, but may reduce payment up to 50 % in case of negligence (, as well as in high risk ventures (MMA, Base Jumping diving below 40m et. al) 




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