/ Big wall climbing overnighting on portaledges- any ideas?

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gunilla - on 30 May 2012
Hi all,

It's been on my wish list for a long time now to do a longer climb (although not necesarily a super hard one) with the opportunity to bivy a night on a porta ledge half way.

Does anyone know of any places in Europe which would be a good place to do this and of any climbig course/holiday providers that can arrange a climb like this, as it would be beyond my abilities at this point in time to set this up without professional guidance.

Any advice/ recomendations are most welcome..

Thanks all,
The Ex-Engineer - on 31 May 2012
In reply to gunilla: The only option that really springs to mind is to head out to Yosemite in California and do a guided ascent of a a proper, but reasonable straightforward big-wall (grade V) route like the West Face of Leaning Buttress -

You will have no problem getting an American mountain guide to take you up anything in Yosemite. For example see

In Europe there are pretty much no easier routes where using a Portaledge would be anything other than extremely contrived. All the routes where they would be used are generally too hard or too dangerous for a guided ascent to really be an option.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.