/ Chamonix Mountain Festival - who's going ?

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dave frost - on 06 Apr 2013
I'm going, but wondered if anyone was intending driving down and wanted to share driving costs ? I'm thinking of paying up and sorting my transport at the end of april so if your thinking of driving down get in touch before then.

Im looking forward to meeting some new people so if we drive down you wont necessarily get lumbered with me for the whole week.

francoisecall - on 18 Apr 2013
In reply to dave frost:

Hello Dave,

Where would you be driving from?

Look on Chamonix Mountain Festival Facebook. One of our guys is driving from Ashford and looking to share.

You will find him also on the premier post on UKC for Chamonix Mountain Festival.

B7ad on 18 Apr 2013 -
In reply to dave frost:

Hi Dave,

as Francoise mentions, I am thinking about driving from Ashford, Kent.

Having now looked at flight costs to Geneva, I will definately NOT drive down on my own. I can get return flights from a number of London Airports starting at £60.00. Transfers to Chamonix from Geneva are around 20 Euros each way. TOTAL cost £100.00

The cost each way for Diesel and tolls will be at least £100.00, plus the ferry/tunnel. just not worth it on my own, 16 hours driving as well!

Still, having said all of that, I am up for an adventure, and with 2 sharing the costs seem comparable!

I am in the same position as you Dave, so no worries about getting lumbered.


francoisecall - on 19 Apr 2013
In reply to B7ad:

If you fly, just bring one rope rather than a double. You can pair up with people and their rope on the spot. Saves weight.
Steve Kempley - on 07 May 2013
In reply to francoisecall:
I'm flying out (arriving Geneva Friday 19:35) and will be hiring a car. Unfortunately will have to fly back Weds night. Looking forward to a good few days climbing!

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