Chamonix Mountain Rescue Documentary

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 Tallie 02 Jan 2022

Just came across this interesting and somewhat sobering Chamonix Mountain Rescue documentary on youtube:

I did a quick search and couldn’t see it on here previously.

The 2 crevasse rescues bring home how challenging getting people out of a crevasse is…

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 Murderous_Crow 03 Jan 2022
In reply to Tallie:

Thanks for this.

I am hugely grateful to the PGHM. In 2009 I did my first and so-far last ice climbing trip in Chamonix. My more-experienced 'friends' led me into belaying one of them up a solitary WI6-7 that was way out of his league, let alone mine. I'd been led to believe we were abbing into a WI5 with a WI3 escape nearby. After 4h getting just over halfway up pitch one, with darkness setting in and the ropes frozen into the ice, leader soaked to the skin and mildly hypothermic, I managed to convince him to downclimb, tearing the rope out bit by bit. With no escape possible up or down, I was lucky enough to have a phone, with signal. Mountain Rescue came to our aid incredibly quickly, and got us off safely. We were even given a beer at the station. 

 tjdodd 03 Jan 2022
In reply to Tallie:

If you haven't seen it then this series is excellent

Very scary first episode.

 Tallie 03 Jan 2022
In reply to tjdodd:

Thanks for this - just watched the first episode which I agree was excellent.

 jethro kiernan 03 Jan 2022
In reply to Tallie:

Cheers for the recommendation 

 Miles813 04 Jan 2022
In reply to tjdodd:

Great first episode, thank you for the recommendation!

In reply to Tallie:

After watching the documentary mentioned in the OP YouTube then took me to a series called 'Alpine Rescue - Angels of Mont Blanc', made in 2001 for Channel 5:

Also well worth watching, although it did make me wonder how I've survived my trips to the Alps. What struck me was how ready they were to show the blood and broken bones, and even dead bodies, unlike the 999 emergency programmes all over TV now, which all usually seem to end happily.  

 Tallie 10 Jan 2022
In reply to Howard J:

Thanks, more good stuff.  They certainly didn’t shy away from showing some gore!

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