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Roberttaylor - on 12 May 2017
Can anyone recommend a cheap campsite on the Italian side of the Mont Blanc massif? I'll have a car so location is not vitally important. Nor is comfort particularly as I don't plan to spend that long there-we want to be up in the hills!

If anyone knows of anywhere that wild camping is tolerated that would be great; feel free to pm me any information.

I'm sorted for places to car camp for free on the Chamonix side, I get the impression that this may be harder in Italy.

tjhare1 - on 12 May 2017

I've pitched a tent a couple of times up in the Ferret and its been fine. Both times I've continued up the road past Frebouze to the bridge that's used for the Gervasutti bivi approach (about 1730m). Just beyond are a few bins in a lay-by on the right. Its flat all around there and for the next 500m up valley. The river is also alright to have a dip in around there! Beware though, that lay-by is where the heli picks up loads to be taken up - better to continue up valley for a few hundred metres to where there are a few trees. The only thing to mention is the day-night barrier at the entrance to the valley. This limits how useful it is. Hence I've only used it when we've come down from long routes absolutely knacked and not with the intention of getting out early the next morning!

At the other end of the spectrum, Camping Sorgente (Val Veny) is sublime! Trees or sun, hot tub, mini swimming pool, shelters and bbq, microwaves etc.. Definitely the best place to rest if out for a while!

EDIT: autocorrect isn't much use for Italian valley names...
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atthedropofahat on 13 May 2017
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We pitched up at the sport crag at the aiguille rouge de triollet.

Follow Val Veny until you can't go any further on the tarmacked road. Don't be tempted to drive up the track to the refuge, although there is parking it's steep and you'll need really good clearance so you don't bottom out on the speed bumps... Once parked walk up the track and follow signs for Riffugio Dalmazzi, cross the stream and select a site.

We found this location had good access to amenities when needed.
Roberttaylor - on 13 May 2017
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You mean the Val Ferret

Thanks, I'll take at look at this spot.

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