/ Kyrgyzstan in the spring??

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mikecvt - on 11 Sep 2012
Hello Just after a bit of advice, I am keen to go alpine climbing in Kyrgyzstan, I have read that the main season seems to be mid summer. but i Only have time off around May and June. Has anyone been there around this time of year(april, may, June), do you know what conditions are like for climbing then?
Thanks for any info
Dave Wynne-Jones on 18 Sep 2012
In reply to mikecvt:
Been into the Tersky ala too on ski in March/April 4 times. By the end of April the last time I was there ski conditions were difficult with aerated soft snow at 3600m. There has also been a lot of glacial recession. By June I should think that you would be experiencing early season alpine conditions at 3500-5000m but hey this is the mountains so it will be taking a chance. Might be easier to check out Ala archa which is a few hours drive from Bishkek & ITMC should be able to give you a bit more info.
Hannes on 18 Sep 2012
In reply to mikecvt: I would imagine ungodly amounts of snow. The slovenians we met had waist deep slush in mid July in the Kokshaal-too whereas for us it had mostly melted away by early august.

Not that I've been but maybe Karavshin could work better than other areas?
marxk - on 29 Sep 2012
In reply to mikecvt: I have been in spring summer and autumn. Obviously there can be more snow about in the spring but its a good time to go as its colder and the conditions for climbing can be better. I've always managed to get plenty done, although snowfall can make for short delays. You just need plenty of experience at assessing the conditions. Any snow that falls soon melts in May. It's a great country and you'll have a great time.
mikecvt - on 02 Oct 2012
thanks a lot for info everyone,

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