/ List of Grande Courses in the Chamonix Valley

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joe.91 - on 24 Jun 2014
So been at the alps a few times now and thinking about taking on a grande course which got me wondering (and googling), is there a complete list somewhere of grande courses that are accessible from Chamonix?

I doubt there probably is considering how many there are so people make your suggestions! Few I can think of to get it started (correct me if I'm wrong, probably am!)

Croz Spur
Walkers Spur
Frendo Spur(?)
Alexandre Buisse - on 25 Jun 2014
smithaldo - on 25 Jun 2014
In reply to joe.91:

Don't start this debate again!

There doesnt seem to be a ratified definition of a grand course out there, so you could add many to your list, and take all of those off according to some, but not others.

Remoteness and commitment seem to be big on alot of types of criteria though, so would much in cham qualify? (as in direct from cham, rather than italian side mont blanc/jorasses)
matt perks - on 13 Jul 2014
In reply to joe.91:

From the French side you're kind of looking at anything on the N. Face of the Grandes Jorasses, anything on the Brouillard or Freney faces of Mt. Blanc, anything on the Grande Pilier d'Angle, anything to the left of the Brenva Spur (e.g. Route Major but these routes are all objectively very dangerous), maybe some things round the back of Mont Maudit, anything on the N. Face of Les Droites or around the NE Spur, maybe things other than the main couloirs on the N. side of the Verte, things on the Nant Blanc face of the Verte, things on the N. Face of Les Drus. As a previous post states there is no formal definition so taking commitment down a notch, depending on what you've done, you could go for things like the Frendo Spur, Petites Jorasses, Gervasutti Pillar or other longer routes round the back of the Tacul, any of the long routes above the Envers that go over the top, the integral up the Peigne and on to the Plan, N. Face or N(E) Spur of Les Courtes, routes on the S. Face of Les Drus. This second list should all go in a comfortable day with either easier access or descent or both. The former set are harder to either get on or off, and will require pretty swift movement or a bivouac on the route or maybe on the top. That little list will take you a while! Good luck.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.