/ Looking for climbing partner for alps in July/August

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Aaron Ballard - on 23 Apr 2017

Hey all,

First time posting.

My climbing partner has had to pull out of our trip to the alps this year, but I'm still keen on going- so I'm keen to see if anyone else is looking for a partner?

I was thinking about july or august sometime.

Initial plan was to do the cosmiques route up Mont Blanc, with a decent amount of acclimatization climbs beforehand.
This can be flexible- could definitely be persuaded to go for the Eiger or Matterhorn. In fact, I'm open to pretty much anything!

In terms of experience, I have summited Mont Blanc unguided via the Gouter route previously, and have done some peaks in Switzerland (Weissmies and four others).

Plenty of UK experience scrambling.
Some rock climbing experience (part of a local climbing club).

Would be great to hear from anyone else looking for a partner, or even anyone who wouldn't mind me tagging along on a trip they've got going on.

Sad, I know- but I really don't know many folks keen on alpining, and I really want to get a trip in this year!
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jackhchcjack - on 01 May 2017
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stuartpicken - on 01 May 2017
In reply to Aaron Ballard:

hey! so i'm likely to be heading out to the alps during one (or both?) of those months. I'm a pretty similar situation with a lack of partners, though a firm commitment to getting out there!
This would be my first trip to the alps (i've done some alpine in canada), and i reckon we might be looking at similar-ish objectives.
only draw back, is at the stage i can't commit to dates, and i'm unlikely to want to spend too much time in chamonix (i might be able to spend quite a while in the alps, but i hear costs in chamonix could be prohibitive?).
but, i'd like to stay in touch and we could see if plans match up?
mark88 - on 01 May 2017
In reply to Aaron Ballard:

Hi Aaron,

I put up this post a few days back:

I've got a good few months off work this Summer, pretty much free from the start of May till the start of August. As such, I'm looking for a training buddy throughout the Summer with the intention for the pair of us to climb the Matterhorn between 23-28 July 17 (ideally via the lion ridge, but I could be swayed). I'm based in Shropshire but can travel. I've lead the Frendo Spur, so I have Alpine experience, but at the moment I'm a bit rusty, hence the plan to train all Summer before heading out to the Alps. Looking to get out and climb each week between Mon-Fri as I'm busy most weekends.
Here's to an exciting Summer ahead!!

Would those dates suit you for the Matterhorn? And where are you based when in the UK? I'm keen to get out midweek for some long mountain routes.
d80f0u on 01 May 2017
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Hi Aaron,

I'm in the same position as you. I'm quite limited in terms of dates but I'd be really interested in teaming up if the dates work out. I've had this post up for a while, a couple of people have replied but no-one definite yet:

"I'm looking for a partner / partners for a week's hut-to-hut trip through the Bernese Oberland, aiming to tick off as many 4000m peaks as possible on the way, beginning on or after 22 July (can't be earlier because I'm a teacher).
My initial thoughts (inspired in part by this article: are to walk in up the Aletsch glacier from Fiesch in order to avoid paying through the nose on the Jungfraubahn, but I'm flexible in my plans.
I have experience climbing mostly classic routes to 4000m summits at PD-AD, and not planning to push my grade on this trip! Ideally looking for a partner with a similar level of experience on an equals basis"

I'm not precious about my plans other than the dates, so if you've got a different idea (Matterhorn etc.) then I'm totally open to that. Best thing to do is email me: hillb984 (at) gmail (dot) com

jackhchcjack - on 14 May 2017
In reply to Aaron Ballard:

Hi Aaron,
We are very interested on your plan! We are a group of two planning to do some alpinism and climbing as well. We plan to visit Chamonix in beginning of Sep. Please email as ( if you are interested to discuss!
jackhchcjack - on 14 May 2017
In reply to stuartpicken:

Hi Stu,
We are a group of two also planning to visit Chamonix! We plan to do the trip on the beginning of September, we plan to do some alpinism and climbing as well. If you are interested you are welcome to reply or write to Cheers!
Flett - on 15 May 2017
In reply to Aaron Ballard:

Looking to head out myself around those dates.
And also looking for climbing partners.
I have been to Chamonix twice before. Have trad and Scottish winter experience.

Be keen to hook up.

Kimmie - on 21 May 2017
In reply to Aaron Ballard:

Hi Aaron

Saw your post here, I think it is a good idea to meet the right people.
How are you getting on here?
I would like to stay out and tag along with people if the time it could match as well.

I have been rock climbing for a few years, done some muti-pitch climbing at Ben Nevis, Tryfan and other mountains within U.K. could be good to see outside U.K as well. (a member of one of the climbing club at North West U.K)

I have done quite a bit of walk as tagging along with friends or group, therefore, I never try to navigate by myself!
As I am interested in more than just walking, I started to learn and did sole wild camping and hammock in the mountains, unfortunately, I am struggling to find the communities to know more people or join in some group for difference types of sports I am into.

I will post it individually as well.

Would be great to hear from you.
Hope your plan going smooth

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