Mayor of Valtournenche (Cervino/Matterhorn) orders closure of the Ital

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 aostaman 04 Aug 2022

See below a link to a story (posted yesterday in Aostasera) and then an announcement by the Mayor of Valtournenche (the local authority that has Cervino (Matterhorn) within its jurisdiction) that the Italian Route is now legally and enforceably closed.

The story posted immediately after the rockfall stated that three roped parties had been evacuated by helicopter, this eventually became 13 people.

The story (link 1 below) is entitled Mountains: The increase in danger is creating the need for legal restrictions. The debate begins.

The article then goes on to take views from local authorities, guides and climbing 'personalities'. It's in Italian, it's quite technical and presents the views of the affected parties. However it seems that the authorities became exasperated by individual climber decisions to ignore advice from the guiding association. This and the cost of having to foot the bill for rescues looks to have tipped the balance in favour of taking what I believe in the Valley is the unprecedented decision to legally close a route. The Mayor is stating that this will remain in force until a full review of conditions and guidelines has taken place.

See below the link to the order by the Mayor of Valtournenche. It states quite clearly that ascent and descent of the Italian ridge is forbidden until a full review of 'the chaos of the last week' has been reviewed.

Note to other Italian language readers:

Please if you have the time review my precis. Any corrections or nuances that you may have will be seen only positively, I am by no means completely fluent.

 streapadair 09 Aug 2022
In reply to aostaman:

Sorry for going off at a tangent, but have you any info on how things are on Monte Rosa, Lyskamm in particular?

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