Wanted: Ice Screw, Axe, Crampons and Microtraxion or alternatives

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 The9inger (user since 26/Mar/17) 24 Feb 2024

I am looking at getting my partner set up for an alps trip this year.

Im looking for the following

Long ice screw, (any brand)

Walking crampons (Ideally 12 points, ideally with a heel clip)

50cm ish mountaineering axe, Ideally slight curve (Think cirque rather than old school)

Microtraxion (or equivalent devices)

Let me know if you think you have something that might work for us

 Tony the Blade 24 Feb 2024
In reply to The9inger:

I have all of the above but rather than selling I'd be happy for you to borrow them. They won't get any mountain use with me this year so I would be delighted if you could make use of them. 

I'm based in Bristol and don't want the hassle of posting, so if you are in the area...

Cheers, TtB

Edit: feel free to WhatsApp or message me on 07985 201719 

2nd edit: I don't have a Micro Traxion but I do have a 1st gen Grigri. I also have a fair few other bits and bobs you might want to borrow. 

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 Tony the Blade 25 Feb 2024
In reply to Tony the Blade:

Actually, thinking about it. You could try before you buy the screws and crampons, if you like them you could make me an offer. 


Edit (oh I do love an edit ha ha): Or just borrow them. 

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OP The9inger 26 Feb 2024
In reply to The9inger:

Thanks for the kind offer Tony, 

We are probably 150 miles too far north to take advantage of your generosity.

Very much appreciated and refreshing approach though 

 Tony the Blade 26 Feb 2024
In reply to The9inger:

No worries, if you change your mind between now and your trip just message me.

 Seymore Butt 27 Feb 2024
In reply to The9inger:


 Run_Ross_Run 27 Feb 2024
In reply to The9inger:

Have a relatively unused cirque,  think it's around 50cm can check this weekend. Grey/blue model. 

Let me know if its what you are after. 

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 Seymore Butt 01 Mar 2024
In reply to The9inger:


 I'd sent you an e mail thro this web sites system but have not had a reply from yourself. It was returned to my Spam Box for some reason.

This is what i have which might be of interest.

A pair of DMM MK1 Fly Ice Axes (Adze and Hammer). C/W leashes.

A pair of Grivel G12 New-Matic Evo crampons. plus carrying bag

3 - OFF  160mm lg Black Diamond ice screws.

All in good condition

The lot £250

I live in the North West ( Nr Burnley)

I'd like to send you photos, but am unsure how to thro this forums' system.

If you are still interested please e mail me and we can make some arrangement.



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