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Joe G - on 12 Feb 2018

Can anyone offer any advice of one person four season tents?  I'm looking at getting one and two that really seem to fit the bill are the Terra Nova Southern Cross and the MSR Access 1.  I'm looking for something that I can trust, will stand up to a battering and a soaking, freestanding preferred, and as light, both in my rucksack and on my wallet, as possible!

Any advice on and experience of these two tents and any others welcome.  Also, if anyone has a nearly new one for sale do say!



Connorh - on 12 Feb 2018
In reply to Joe G:

I asked a similar question a while ago and Hilliberg Nallo 2 seemed to be well regarded.


Pkrynicki1984 - on 12 Feb 2018
In reply to Joe G:

I have a Nallo2.

Its light (2kg) and very well made , its held up in some savage winds and my only criticism is that its noisy when its getting battered! more to do with the tunnel design I guess. Pitches very very quickly as one , no faffing with inners and outers ...... can be pitched in savage weather quite easily.

Not that light on the wallet I suppose!


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Mal Grey - on 12 Feb 2018
In reply to Joe G:

Might be worth looking at the Hilleberg Soulo 2 if, like me, you like a freestanding design. A mate has one, looks good. Similar weight to the Nallo 2. Similar weight of wallet needed!

Dr.S at work - on 12 Feb 2018
In reply to Joe G:

I’m quite tempted by one of these:


Or the Crux variant with the porch. Either will lead to significant wallet lightning!

olddirtydoggy - on 12 Feb 2018
In reply to Joe G:

A good mate of mine uses the Hilleberg Soulo and in his opinion the old model although slightly heavier is stronger. I can't comment on that but he got his second hand at a good price. Always worth wandering round here and sometimes Outdoor Magic classified forums and Facebook gear exchange groups. Depends if you buy used kit.

ben b - on 13 Feb 2018
In reply to Joe G:

As previously mentioned, the Macpac Minaret is very strong, fairly cheap (at least in NZ!), is very spacious for one and not outrageously heavy at 2.4kg for a 2 person tent. However, likely heavier than hoped... thought the 1.5kg Microlight is pretty solid, but two hoops are more stable than one.


In reply to Dr.S at work:

I'd highly recommend the S10 Sigma - as you can probably tell from the tone of that review. It will certainly lighten your wallet though, but then quality tents really are very expensive whatever the brand/model 

Jim Lancs on 13 Feb 2018
In reply to ben b:

I've used a Minaret as a one person winter tent for years now. 

It's done really well.

Joe G - on 13 Feb 2018
In reply to Everyone:

Thanks everyone, some great advice there!

A good few tents to consider.  Dr S, I've never seriously considered a single skin tent but the Lightwave Sigma S10 looks excellent so thanks for the link.  Stevieweesaxs, I've PMed you



Joe G - on 13 Feb 2018
In reply to Dan Bailey -

Thanks Dan, I like your review.  The Sigma is the only tent mentioned that I haven't otherwise heard of and it's now very high on my list of possibilities.  See the pole issue - would you say that could be a potential deal-breaker, or more just a minor annoyance / concern when pitching?

Also, maybe I should have qualified my "as light on my wallet as possible" comment - yeah, they are all expensive!

In reply to Joe G:

It's definitely an annoyance. I wouldn't say it's a deal breaker for what's otherwise a very good tent, but when you're trying desperately to force the pole in, in the dark and wind, with cold hands, it's a real pain. I'd hope that Lightwave would have sorted that by now as it's such an obvious flaw. I'll ask them if you like?

Joe G - on 13 Feb 2018
In reply to Dan Bailey -

> I'll ask them if you like?

Thanks for the offer.  I'm happy to contact them myself although if you'd like to ask them it might carry more weight given that they quote some of your review on their website!  Others may well be interested in whether they've sorted the flaw too.

Andypeak - on 13 Feb 2018
In reply to Joe G:

I've recently started using a trekkertent saor.  Not used it in any serious weather yet but it is advertised as 4 season, is light at 1.2kg (plus pegs which are not included) and is reasonably priced at £320 and spacious.  It's also designed and made in Scotland.  The build quality is good and it looks like it would take a hammering.  Only problem is that they basically make them to order so it can take a month or 2 to get your tent.  

bouldery bits - on 14 Feb 2018
In reply to Joe G:

Hilleberg all the way 

Damo on 14 Feb 2018
In reply to Jim Lancs:

> I've used a Minaret as a one person winter tent for years now. 

> It's done really well.

Me too. The staggered floor is also very long on the long side, so good for tall people, but as they're not real big inside you want that short side occupied by someone you don't mind cuddling.

Also, re the 'four season' thing, it also depends just what your seasons are like. If you expect big snow dumps then a free-standing tent with crossing poles will be stronger, but if you're expecting high winds and less snow then a tunnel tent pitched well is better. Having used both double and single skin tents in Antarctica and on Denali, I'd only ever take a double-walled tent again (other than maybe a BD Firstlight for an actual tent on the route). They're just so much warmer and less frozen condensation.

Here in Australia, Macpac now have their own shops (only, no retailers) and when they have their 40% off sales, a Minaret is the equivalent of 255 UK pounds (AUD$450) which is very good for a tent of that quality.

oldie - on 14 Feb 2018
In reply to ben b:

I've found the Microlight surprisingly stable, keep inner and outer together for quick easy pitching, strong groundsheet, 1.6 kg. It might be one of the cheapest in this thread (haven't checked). Not free standing though, as you say. Tends to flap a lot but never had much trouble with condensation or water penetration.

Joe G - on 19 Feb 2018

Thanks again everyone for great advice.  In case anyone's interested, I decided to go for the Hilleberg Soulo, saving the pennies by buying second hand from stevieweesaxs107.  I can happily report in an ebay-esque sort of way an excellent buying experience and I look forward to using the tent.

One extra detail that I could have mentioned earlier that influenced my decision is I already have a Nordisk Telemark, which is a great wee tent and under a kilo but not a robust 4 season tent (nor does it claim to be) so I don't mind having something a bit heavier, knowing that if I want to go more lightweight and conditions allow then I can do.

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