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flaneur - on 29 Dec 2011
In a previous thread: I asked for suggestions for a climbing day pack. This is to take trainers, light waterproof, snacks and a little water on long rock routes in places like The Dolomites.

Refining the specification slightly, and taking tongue out of cheek, I'm looking for something very light weight, compact (10-12 litres) or easily compressible, and handles adequately.

A few possibilities below. Any one used any of them? Any other suggestions along similar lines?

Sea to Summit ultrasil daypack:
Ultralight but a bit big and can't be compressed.

Sea to Summit ultrasil dry day pack:
Looks ideal. Doesn't seem to be available in the UK. Typical.

Gossamer minimalist ultra day pack
A thing of beauty. The wide base is possibly not ideal for climbing. Don't think this one is distributed in the UK either.

Exped cloudburst dry
A bit heavier and perhaps harder wearing than the Sea to Summit. Best of what is easily available?

LastBoyScout on 29 Dec 2011
In reply to flaneur:

I was going to say Black Diamond BBEE, which is what I've got, but in trying to find a link to it, I came up with this, which is slightly bigger, but looks perfect for you - Black Diamond Magnum:
ice.solo - on 30 Dec 2011
In reply to flaneur:

Slight return...i got it
flaneur - on 02 Jan 2012
In reply to LastBoyScout:

Thank you. Two good possibilites there.
Thrudge on 02 Jan 2012
In reply to flaneur:
Haglofs Tight?

I once went for an impromptu gallop across a moor with one of these and it stuck to my back like glue. Very comfortable and stable. Bombproof construction as well.
cadmonkeysmith - on 02 Jan 2012
In reply to flaneur: I haven't used or seen one of these in the flesh but I've got a few bits of Alpkit gear and for the money they're usually spot on.

I'm also a fan of the old Berghaus remote 8 + 4 which I use for MTBing. Last time I looked you could still get it through Field and Trek although I suspect it may have too many zips / whistles and bells for your liking : )

Dr.S at work - on 02 Jan 2012
In reply to flaneur:
OMM last drop?
Graham - on 02 Jan 2012
In reply to Dr.S at work:
I have that sea to summit ultrasil daypack mentioned earlier - It's quite a nice little pack, with a few caveats - there is no padding in the shoulder straps, and when you've got a few items in the pack, the shoulder straps roll into little thin bits of fabric that aren't very comfy.that's not too bad, and usually doesn't bother me too much, but the main pain in the ass is that when the shoulder straps roll, somehow the ladderlock buckles to tighten the straps twists such that they don't stay tight. A little fiddling and you're on your way again, but it's annoying. Other than that, I quite like it, and it's been a great little pack, and more durable than I was expecting.I've cut a little piece of foam out for the back and it makes it a lot more comfortable.
Hannes on 02 Jan 2012
In reply to flaneur: I've got a salomon raid race 200, its admittedly a 20l rucksack but it is really really thin and light and cinches down well. I believe it is a multisport rucksack but it works well for anything I've used it for, mainly MTB though
Ron Walker - on 02 Jan 2012
In reply to flaneur:

I use the BD Bullet as it's tough light (380 grams) and rolls up small into my main pack. It's also good for hauling in chimneys etc. See
flaneur - on 03 Jan 2012
In reply to everyone who kindly took the time to offer suggestions:

Salomon and Haglofs - not much lighter than my current daysac and both a lot fussier.
Alpkit - looks promising, very similar to the Exped. sac. Seems to be currently unavailable.
Black Diamond - looks good. Pity the company is now owned by a pair of See You Next Tuesdays who I would prefer not to support.
OMM - Why had I not thought about them? The Ultra 12 is also a possibility, though again I'd rather it was a little cleaner.

Interested in the comments on the Sea to Summit, especially on the durability. I'll using this on half a dozen routes a year at most, but that is reassuring. Frustratingly, I can't find a EU stockist willing to send the dry daysac to UK.

Geordiemunro - on 05 Jan 2012
In reply to flaneur:

I use one of these.

Its maybe a bit bigger than you are looking for, but is extremely light and packs down to nothing.
Bobz - on 05 Jan 2012
In reply to flaneur: Sea to Summit Ultra-sil Dry Day Pack landing in the UK in March. Blue or Lime Green available.
flaneur - on 05 Jan 2012
In reply to Will:

Thank you. March is before the long rock route season so I'll hold off buying anything until I've seen one in the nylon.
GrahamD - on 05 Jan 2012
In reply to flaneur:

I've used a TNF Atlantis sac for years. Very simple zipped pack with chest and waist strap. Loads of inexpensive near equivalents from Karrimor, Berhaus etc. although most seem to have more than one compartment.

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