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Steve4395 - on 15 Nov 2017

I’m in the market for a reliable lightweight 3 to 4 season tent. I have a laser competition for summer trips but it’s way to flimsy for anything else.
I’m drawn to to Hilleberg Akto or TN Southerncross 1.
Does anyone have first hand experience of these? Or an alternative suggestion.

Thanks for any help offered......

ena sharples - on 15 Nov 2017
In reply to Steve4395:

cannot speak about Southerncross but do have an Akto, which is a brilliant piece of kit, well up to 4 season useage.
Steve4395 - on 15 Nov 2017
In reply to ena sharples:

Thank you, I know all small tents can suffer a bit of condensation but is the Akto particularly bad?
I’ve heard mixed messages on this.
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girlymonkey - on 15 Nov 2017
In reply to Steve4395:

I have found the laser comp to withstand much more severe weather than you would think. I have replaced the 'pegs' with proper pegs, but other than that it is remarkably robust. I find if I don't want my laser out, I probably am not that keen on camping anyway and choose a bothy instead!
Of course, I do have a similar mentality to tent buying as I do to bike buying, which is that the ideal number is N+1, so you should probably get a new one anyway!! Don't have personal experience of any that you mention though!
Stuart en Écosse - on 15 Nov 2017
In reply to Steve4395:

I had an Akto and it was probably a little worse than a Laser for condensation. However, take care with the venting and don't sweat too much and it is ok. Otherwise it is a superb tent, very quick and easy to pitch and withstands high winds better than anything else of similar weight that I've used.
cb294 - on 15 Nov 2017
In reply to Steve4395:

The Akto is great, but not particularly lightweight. Helsport Ringstind Superlight?
Run_Ross_Run - on 15 Nov 2017
In reply to Steve4395:

Had an atko and got rid of it pretty quickly after.

Condensation was an issue irrespective of venting /pitching. For me (6ft) the inner shape/height was hopeless as both head and foot of sleeping bag would be soaked in the morning.

ena sharples - on 15 Nov 2017
In reply to Steve4395:

Hi Steve,
given how compact the internal space is, condensation is an issue, but with careful venting it's manageable and certainly no worse than most others of similar type
PaulW - on 15 Nov 2017
In reply to Steve4395:
Love my Akto, has stood up to severe conditions very well.

If I was pitching often on very soft surfaces, soft snow or beach perhaps, I would consider a geodesic alternative, it does take more effort to gat a stable pitch.
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stevieweesaxs107 - on 15 Nov 2017
In reply to PaulW:

The southern cross is a decent wee Tent
However it's Tiny inside .... Was never a big fan off the Akto as I found it cramped and it's Fiddly to pitch nicely even with the nack it's just to fussy to get Taught didn't like the saggy inner etc .....If Money's no problem pay the extra get a Soulo fantastic Tent, pitches Quickly & Easily Super Strong, Decent Room with good Head height for the Extra weight it's worth it especially if using in 4 Season snow or Summit camps the extra 500g will be well worth Carrying.

OwenM - on 15 Nov 2017
In reply to Steve4395:
I was looking for one of these a while back but couldn't find anywhere that actually had one on stock. In the end I ordered a trekkertent Phreeranger, the only problem with them is their made to measure and take ages.
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