/ Arcteryx atom it hoody or montane prism?

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shibz - on 26 Sep 2013
Hey all im after some advice with the above jackets? Anyone got either an would recommend?

andymac - on 26 Sep 2013
In reply to shibz:

I use a Prism ,and think its great.

Very good value for money.

Only wear a base layer T under it ,and only coming of the summit of Ben Nevis in seriously driving rain ,did it not quite stand up to the elements.

Generously sized too. Mines is a Small ,and is still roomy.

Would buy another one.

Will buy another on.
BnB - on 26 Sep 2013
In reply to shibz: I'd rather take exercise in the Atom LT (it breathes through the side panels) but the Prism is more raggable (ie cheap and less "precious").

Both are excellent. But is the new Rab Strata better than either?

It splits the diff on price and is widely acclaimed as breathing better than the Atom LT allowing it to function across a wider usable range. I'm hoping it's a garment you can thrutch up a chimney at Stanage without over-cooking, then laugh in the face of a gale on the belay as your second follows up.
Ronan O Keeffe on 26 Sep 2013
In reply to shibz:
I have both. I picked up the atom for full price and got the prism for £40.
I'll be getting another atom lt when the time comes. Not to say the prism is bad but the atom is lighter, warmer and more breathable.
The prism has the better hood though and a two way zip.
I'm 5'10" and 12 and a half stone. The atom fits me better, the prism comes up too short in the arms and waist. Both are medium.

The better sizing could account for the better warmth so you may need to try them both on.

Definitely true about the prism being less precious but the atom is surprisingly tough too.
Jayhigh - on 27 Sep 2013
In reply to shibz:

Just in case you find the Atom LT a bit short in the arms, the Arc'teryx Aphix jacket is similar (except the breathable panels run down the arms too) but the arms are longer for the same size chest.

Excellent for ice climbing, btw. Wore it at -18 with only a Rab VR Alpine underneath.
Neil Pratt - on 27 Sep 2013
In reply to shibz:

Got both; Prism in L and Atom in M. I tend to use the Prism much more, although that's because I carry it as a lightweight belay jacket during the winter. Atom is a much better fit under a shell, as a replacement for a 200 weight fleece layer. I've also used it in winter with a windproof over the top when it's been windy, but not wet.

Both great bits of kit that get used a lot, and I doubt you'd be disappointed with either.

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