Big Backpack with pockets. Do they exist?

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 Kemics 22 Apr 2022

I'm trying to find a backpack with lots of external pockets, I need to carry lots of accessible items and it's a pain rummaging through an entire pack to find specific bits. 

Really need to have zips to stop stuff falling out so can't just be pouches. 

It seems like just about every brand has decided they are for hardcore alpinists and have removed the external pockets. 

Something like this would be ideal - but is a little small. 

Is there a 45 litre bag with pockets? I've tried every major brand I can conceivably think of and cant find anything. Can anyone think of any? 

 damowilk 22 Apr 2022
In reply to Kemics:

My ticklist for tramping/hiking packs includes good hip belt pockets, a top pocket, and I increasingly like the mesh shoulder strap pockets for putting a couple of collapsible drink bottles in.

My current closest match is the Sierra Designs Flex Capacitor 40-60. I could be better (for me) if it had a more traditional top closure and bigger top pocket, rather than a zipped closure, and the flex system means there is no front pocket. 

I’ve also got a smaller capacity fast pack from Gossamer Gear, so would have been happy to try their larger packs like the Mariposa. 

 Andypeak 22 Apr 2022
In reply to Kemics:

Decathlon packs seem to be more traditional and often have quite a few pockets. They are also actually quite good, often as good as the big branded stuff

 OwenM 22 Apr 2022
In reply to Kemics:

Have a look at Atompack he will customise the pack to your order.

 fire_munki 22 Apr 2022
In reply to Kemics:

Potentially you run the risk of looking a bit of a "Walt" but army surplus stuff often has lots of pockets/pouches.

In reply to Kemics:

Perhaps get some Aguille Alpine detachable side pockets and strap them on using the compression straps?  I'm sure other brands make them too.

OP Kemics 22 Apr 2022
In reply to fire_munki:

Always important to look tacti-cool

Cobra head: ha that might be too much of a good thing

Toerag: that is a great suggestion. I have a tiny mind and can't do lateral thinking but the bag I need is a bit specialist and maybe finding the right shape and just sewing on those extra pouches is the way to go. I hadn't even considered it but would actually work quite well 

 johnlc 22 Apr 2022
In reply to Kemics:

If you like Toerag's idea of detachable pockets then have a look at Scottish Mountain Gear.  They do pockets in two different sizes and are surprisingly good value.  Better value than Aiguille I suspect.  Only problem is that the compression straps need to be in the right place on your sack to match the pockets.  SMG do do a 42 litre tough as old boots sack though, so a pair of their big pockets on the side might fit your bill.

In reply to Cobra_Head:

> More pocket than you can shake a stick at, expensive though!!


“The Warrior BMF”!
You'd have problems getting into, or more importantly out of, a Warrior with that thing!

 Cobra_Head 22 Apr 2022
In reply to Ridge:

BMF = Big Mother F.......

 Cobra_Head 22 Apr 2022
In reply to Kemics:

looks for The Pouch Attachment Ladder System or PALS  and you can attach / detach loads of pouches

 SFM 22 Apr 2022
In reply to Kemics:

If you are not too fussy about brand then have a look at Blacks as they have a few that may suit you.

In reply to Kemics:

You cold have a look at Mystery Ranch. Something like the Glacier has a lot of pockets. Bit big for you though. 

Jansport Far Out 55 less expensive or capacious.

Otherwise, Regatta still do loads of cheap large packs with side pockets in the manner beloved of D of E groups. 

Good luck!


In reply to Kemics:

Oooh, I do love a bit of random specific pack discovery. How about a Big Ernie?

"Designed and developed for aerial delivered firefighters, this pack meets the demand of Smokejumpers, Heli-Rappel, and Helitack."

Should be enough pockets even if you don't want to jump out of a helicopter into a fire


In reply to Kemics:

Ferrino do a number of packs with pockets to

 HeMa 23 Apr 2022
In reply to Kemics:

As you have noticed, Mountaineering and lightweight backpacking gear is nowadays more in the less frills and no pockets trend.

but cheapo market ”hiking” sacks still tend to have such things as pockets. They might not be that robust though. Cheap.

the other direction is indeed that army/tactical stuff… with those molle system straps all around, you can pretty much accessorize as much as you want/need. Might end up lookin’ like a tool, can also be spendy.

the last option is photo/video gear. Again full of compartments etc. Tend to be spendy though.

perhaps a camera insert into a suitable bag is one option… only semi-spendy

In reply to Cobra_Head:

> BMF = Big Mother F.......

Or British Military Fitness? aka Walt exercises.

 morpcat 23 Apr 2022
In reply to Kemics:

Running packs are made with accessible pockets for grabbing things while on the go. While the majority of these tend to be small (20L) packs or even smaller vests, there are some larger ones such as Ultimate Direction Fastpack (40L):

I also found more of a regular backpacking style back with lots of pockets, but it's expensive:

Or there's always something like this:

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