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Stockholm Syndrome (USA) on 05 Dec 2011 -

I am fairly experienced in the montains with about 13 years Climbing/Camping/Mountaineering experience/Western Alps/Alaska loads of Scottish Winter Climbing etc.

However, one thing i have always wanted to do and as yet haven't is go bivvying out in the Lake District/Scotland in Winter.

I've done it alot in Summer months with various different lightweight sleeping bags.

Has anyone actually direct experience of using either of the above bags or anything else that they would reccomend?

At the moment for my get up i'm thinking two Multi Mat Sleeping pads, one of the above sleeping bags and a Bivi Bag - probably gonna buy the Snugpak Stratosphere.

Cheers in advance for your comments.

xoran - on 05 Dec 2011
In reply to Stockholm Syndrome (USA): bivied in a mountain equipment moonwalker 4, with a crappy foam mat, a fleece liner and a cheap decathlon bivi bag... my face got a bit cold in the middle of the night but i'd built the snow up around me a bit so there was no breeze. Any technical synthetic bag rated to those sort of temps should do the trick i guess.
If its just for the experience then do it as cheap as you can
thats a bit of a ramble, hope some of it is useful?

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.