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 UKC Gear 09 Oct 2009
[Cold early morning below Cima Grande West Face, 2 kb]The Plasma: No, it's not a 40 inch television!

It's a snug, 100% weatherproof down jacket that is ideal for keeping you warm and dry in the foulest of weather conditions.

In reply to UKC Gear: So in terms of a Scottish belay jacket, assuming this stayd dry it should be warmer than any of the synthetics on the market??
What price is it because i can't remember seeing one in the article?
In reply to boothy: Found it. Expensive!
 Kafoozalem 09 Oct 2009
In reply to UKC Gear: OK I already have one. Yes it is well cut, breathes well and is 100% waterproof. Warmth is a subjective issue but frankly I won't find it warm enough for winter cragging in the UK. It certainly comes nowhere near my old Rab Andes -- yeah I know - overkill. Maybe it compares favourably with other belay jackets on the market but I wish they'd put a few more feathers in it. I bought mine from for £255.
In reply to UKC Gear:

If it's not waterproof inside as well, would expect it to get wet from your shell, when you slip it over to belay. Hence, probably not all singing, all dancing for Ecose!

In reply to Stuart the postie:

Hi Stuart

That's an interesting point actually. And one that makes perfect sense as the inner is indeed, not waterproof.

My feeling with this is that it is not the perfect belay jacket for UK use and for Scotland I would always go synthetic out of choice.


Kevin Avery
Gear Editor

In reply to boothy:

Hi Boothy

I would say that rather than being warmer than most synthetic jackets it is probably as warm. It's certainly no warmer than my Fission SL or the old Das Parka that I practically used to live in!

Hope this helps

Kevin Avery
Gear Editor

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