REVIEW: Dorset Bouldering Rockfax

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 UKC Gear 22 Jul 2015
Dorset Pre-order PN item, 5 kbIn this review southwest climber and boulder Dave Henderson takes a look at the new Dorset Bouldering Rockfax guidebook which has been put together by Ben Stokes, and published by UKC's sister company ROCKFAX.

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 Durbs 24 Jul 2015
In reply to UKC Gear:

I'm undecided about getting this guide... I've bouldering in Portland a couple of times, but the dodgy landings and laborious approaches (scrambling up/down screen with mats on back just isn't fun) and scattered nature of the problems (in my lowly grade range) have put me off bouldering that way.

I'm sure the content is good - I just don't know if I'll actually go there again to boulder. Are there any new areas in this which don't have 10 minute walk between problems <6c and are relatively easy to get to?
 Ben Stokes Global Crag Moderator 24 Jul 2015
In reply to Durbs:
You should find a number of 'new' areas to fit that requirement. For example the Portland Bill Area there are more than 300 problems up to 6C, all less than 10 minutes easy walking from the car (and cafe). Most have flat landings, though none are grassy.
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 Durbs 25 Jul 2015
In reply to Ben Stokes:

Ah cool - sounds more promising. Don't get me wrong - i'm not that much of a convenience climber, just had one too many epics in the cuttings boulderfield, hacking through brambles for 15 minutes to find one route, doing it, then heading off to find the next!

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