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tinks on 12 Feb 2013 - []

Over the last few years I have taken up quite a wide variety of mountain-related activities (rock/ice climbing, mountaineering, skiing & ski touring etc). Over this period I have accumulated a funny assortment of gear of varying quality, age, use etc. Now I'm starting to get into them properly, I want to be able to sort out what I have and what I really need.

An example of this is collecting an appropriate set of gloves that will cover all these activities (at the moment I have several pairs, none of which are much use). What I probably need is a really warm pair, a technical waterproof pair for ice climbing and some thinner tough gloves for alpinism.

Could anyone recommend a source of similar lists to cover all my gear requirements (clothing and technical)?

Many thanks.
The Ex-Engineer - on 12 Feb 2013
In reply to tinks: You're really asking for the impossible!

Even on your supposed simple example of gloves, I would be looking at packing 5-7 pairs of gloves if I was heading to Scotland for Winter climbing/mountaineering trip. That would be 2-3 pairs of fairly technical waterproof ones, possibly some thinner more dexterous windproof ones, some liner gloves and a pair of Dachstein Mitts.

On pretty much every item of equipment I have multiple versions. That includes ice axes (now 4, was 7 & will increase again), crampons (4 pairs), harnesses (5), belay devices (numerous) and all manner of other climbing hardware and I find trying to find a 'one-size-fits-all' solution is just counter-productive and self defeating.

The best way forward I have found is to gradually sell everything that isn't ideal and slowly and steadily build up a collection of very specific clothing and equipment that is optimised for exactly what you do wish to do. If you are in no rush there is pretty much nothing that you can't eventually pick up cheaply either on sale or second hand from UKC for sale listings or from ebay.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.