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O'Donopoo 10 Jun 2017
Hi, I need to buy some walking poles but don't want to spend a fortune on something I won't use that often
Are the OEX ones from Go Outdoors any good? They're £30 and seem like a good deal but you never know until you try them
They'll be used for the West Highland Way for walking and to prop tarps up
simon1985 11 Jun 2017
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Pedro50 11 Jun 2017
In reply to UKH Forums:

Poles ARE for hill walking - they're not climbing gear are they?!!
shuffle 13 Jun 2017
In reply to O'Donopoo:

The Alpkit poles are decent and a similar price. One of mine broke recently and was replaced with absolutely no quibble under their guarantee. They (and Alpkit stuff in general) get the thumbs up from me
ebdon 13 Jun 2017
In reply to shuffle:

The leashes on the alpkit aluminium folding ones are truly awful (i think they were revewied here a few weeks ago if you're interested ) the poles themselves are good though!
Ciro 13 Jun 2017
In reply to O'Donopoo:

Ethical concerns about Mike Ashley's business practices aside, sports direct do a fairly light carbon fibre/fibreglass pole for £31 a pair.


I can't compare to others of a similar style as before that I had the heavy aluminum twist lock type, but they were a real upgrade from that, and after five or six years of occasional hillwalking and hiking, and general abuse getting chucked around the van they're still going strong.
O'Donopoo 13 Jun 2017
In reply to UKH Forums:

I assumed that because they were hillwalking things rather than climbing gear I would have more success in a forum for people who go hillwalking
O'Donopoo 13 Jun 2017
In reply to shuffle:

I have been buying quite a bit of gear from them recently, didn't realise they made poles and I trust them a lot more than Go Outdoors
O'Donopoo 13 Jun 2017
I'm committed to the Alpkit ones now but torn between the Compact Ultra and the Shox
I prefer the Compact Ultra but some reviews say they have had issues with the wrist loops and handle. Is it that bad? If So, is it possible to replace the wrist loops as I'd like to be able to wear them with gloves
shuffle 14 Jun 2017
In reply to O'Donopoo:

I find the wrist loops on the compact ultra ok, but I'm female and have fairly small hands. If you have big hands and want to wear big gloves, they might be uncomfortable.
O'Donopoo 24 Jun 2017
In reply to shuffle:

I've opted for the compact ultra after emailing Alpkit who told me that the loops are removable/replacable. They seem really good, thanks for the advice
angry pirate 25 Jun 2017
In reply to O'Donopoo:

I removed the wrist loops on mine and Jerry rigged some big standard wrist loops a la leki from old ice axe wrist strap material.
The ones on the poles were positively a liability with big gloves on

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