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Alpenglow - on 15 Jul 2013
ME has Active Shell, more of a hiking jacket
Patagonia has Paclite, more geared towards climbing.

I'm wanting a lightweight, durable (ish) emergency hardshell for climbing (Scottish-winter, multi-pitch, alpine) which would suggest the Patagonia jacket, however I've heard bad things about Paclite.

Any advice?

galpinos on 15 Jul 2013
In reply to blackreaver:

Not sure where the "active shell is for hiking" thing came from.

From ME, the Firefox/firefly are exactly what you're after? I've the firefly smock:

The equivalent from Patagonia would be the M10 jacket:

Both the above would be ideal for what you're after?

Active shell knocks Paclite into a cocked hat breathability wise.

Despite the jackets being light, unless you spend your life thugging up chimneys they're fine. Colin Haley used his M10 for every climb he did in Patagonia for a winetr season, which is a lot more use than mine will get over it's lifetime I imagine!
ben b - on 15 Jul 2013
In reply to blackreaver: Paclite isn't really geared to climbing. If you are climbing in the rain or in marginal winter conditions with any degree of frequency IMHO you would be better off with something with better abrasion resistance (which is likely to be heavier)... If it is for occasional emergency use either get something not too expensive and accept if you use it often it will get knackered quickly, or shell (ho ho) out a bit more for something that weighs more and still sits in the pack 90% of the time.

If you know you are highly likely to need a hard shell for a trip I'd say get a proshell or event type jacket (paramo not a great idea as heavy).

My wife has a Patagonia Supercell paclite jacket and whilst it is a tailored gem of beauty I wouldn't fancy thrutching around some winter gully in it.

Good luck!

Alpenglow - on 15 Jul 2013
In reply to galpinos: I meant the jacket cut and features are more geared towards climbing/hiking

Thanks for your advice,

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