/ Professional store in london to heat mould and for fit spantiks

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stevetaylor20 on 19 Feb 2013 - whois?
Guys, any idea where I can get my boots heat moulded around London?

Ellis in Covent Garden say they can do it, but should I trust them, I just want the thing done right that's all..

mkean - on 19 Feb 2013
In reply to stevetaylor20:
Would Snow and Rock do it? I've never heard of EB being the cheapest for anything so I'd shop around, I have also heard some truely awful advice being handed out there although I'm sure most of their staff are very good.
mountain_stephen - on 19 Feb 2013
I've had custom fits done for snow boots in Snow and Rock in Covent Garden and impressed. I also got some insoles fitted for my B3 boots (forget the name, but they've got a good selection and were very knowledgeable). I've always found the staff in there are knowledgeable, honest and no nonsense. Plus they will price match.

Never been terribly impressed with Ellis Brigham. They are always overpriced and the commissions that staff get mean I always seem to be getting the hard sell. Useful for looking at gear that you might want to buy online (e.g. from a nicer shop like Joe Brown's or others you prefer to support that aren't in the area) but other than that I'm not sure I've ever actually bought anything from them. I have even passed through there on a few occasions to use the ice wall at the back and I still don't think they've managed to sell me anything!

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.