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Andypeak - on 16 Jan 2014
I’m looking to buy a lightweight tent for hiking/wild camping. My budget is around £100. I’ve think I’ve Narrowed the choice down to 4. Coleman cobra 2, Vango Banshee 200, Wild Country Zephyros 2 or the Quechua QuickHiker Ultralight II Hiking Tent.

It would only be me and a dog or me and the Mrs sleeping in it and probably only for 1 or 2 nights in reasonable weather. Anyone got any experience with any of the above? Any advice would be appreciated.
knighty - on 16 Jan 2014
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I've got the Coleman Cobra 3. I haven't used it a massive amount yet, but I am really impressed with it so far. I bought it because it was longer than other tents (I'm 6ft 2) and this also makes it feel large inside.

The only downside is that the pegs that come with it are crap. I've bent a load already and am looking to replace them!!
JonLongshanks on 16 Jan 2014
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I've got a Vango Banshee 200, great tent. I'm 6ft 1 and it's fine for me... much taller though and you'd be cramped.

It's the perfect size for me and the dog, and while I have used it for 2 people, there wasn't really any room for gear. Definitely a 1 1/2 man tent in my opinion.
If you do use it as a 1 man, it feels really luxurious and there's plenty of space for gear storage, sleeping mat, food area, wet kit, etc.
While not an ultra-light tent the extra weight does pay off. Also very quick to put up and just jump inside when it's pouring it down.
Andypeak - on 16 Jan 2014
In reply to Dirhaelar:

cheers for the advise.In my experience if it says 2 man its usually one man and some stuff. I'd been leaning towards the wild country or the quechua just because of the lighness but I'm not sure if I can justify the extra £40 for a few hundered grams.
climbwhenready - on 16 Jan 2014
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We have just bought the Coleman Cobra 3 (for 2 people) - yet to use it. Happy with it as a purchase though, and it seems to be going for a lot less than it was 18-24 months ago (is it being end-of-lined?).

Our playing with a tape measure showed a significant height difference between the Cobra 2 and 3 - ie. you'd struggle to sit up in the Cobra 2. However the Cobra 3 is roomy - and it's got a decentish porch. The pegs are indeed crap.
martinph78 on 16 Jan 2014
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Something else to add to the mix, I haven't tried one though:
forcan - on 16 Jan 2014
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The Zephyros 2 might be a bit tight for two - I used it as a single-man tent quite happily though before I coughed up for a Terra Nova Laser Comp.

Another option for you - the Blacks Octane 2. I have a Blacks Octane 3, which is a 3-man tent, but the 2 would be perfect for you, and it's on sale, half price at £110 just now. One of the few "own-brand" tents worth having IMO... (The Octane 3 is only £20 more, and 0.1kg heavier, but you get a huuuuge porch for gear/cooking etc.)
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