/ replacing NF duffel bag

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badmarmot - on 29 Nov 2018

Hi All,

My north face duffel bag has finally give up the go, and duck tape won't fix it any more.

So I am looking for a new big duffel, there are now loads of option's and it seams every brand has their own version, I have seen the DMM one and summit to sea on sale any one used them? looking around 95l

I guess this product is so basics they all work but just wondering if there are any ones to avoid, that don't last etc.

Thanks Rob

Luke90 on 29 Nov 2018
In reply to badmarmot:

I've had the Mountain Equipment equivalent for about a decade. Though the  fact that I can confirm its longevity prevents me from telling you anything about their current design which has inevitably changed since I bought mine.

badmarmot - on 29 Nov 2018
In reply to Luke90:

Thanks (I think) 

my NF was about that or older, so cant decide if to just get another or try some of the ones on offer?

just seen this and might be tempted to try.


Dave 88 - on 29 Nov 2018
In reply to badmarmot:

I wouldn't be too sure about the basic design meaning they are all equal. I've had a karrimor one which is ok, but the shoulder strap layout means it is crippling with even a small amount of weight in it, similarly a mountain hardware one had some swivel buckles in the wrong place causing discomfort. I've also got an Overboard one for work which again, not too bad, but when you start to fill it up it just swells like a giant balloon,  which no amount of strap tightening will return to a manageable shape!

I suppose it depends what you'll use it for and personal preference etc, but I've been quite surprised how much variance I've experienced from such a basic design concept.


I do feel like you really get what you pay for with the North Face ones. One of the few bits of TNF kit that I actually like!

badmarmot - on 29 Nov 2018
In reply to Dave 88:

Thats interesting, I thought hey would all feel the same,  I had the NF one for 14 years or so and great bit of it, i was given a cheaper version and it wasn't as hard wearing, so thought that would be the difference.

angry pirate - on 29 Nov 2018
In reply to badmarmot:

I really like my roll top holdall from Lomo. It has survived a bunch of years on expedition, is waterproof and cheap too. The 60 litre model is larger than advertised (guessing 90 litre ish).

The shoulder strap is not great for carrying over distance and I replaced the buckles with the little Alpkit boulder mat buckles but I'm really chuffed with it. 

They do a conventional holdall style now too.

Jim Lancs on 29 Nov 2018

I've had a 100 ltr Load Hauler from Aiguille Alpine Equipment for about 25+ years for lugging stuff around the world. Mainly from car to train to plane with a mix of clothing and work equipment in it. No sign of wear yet.

grump gnome - on 30 Nov 2018
In reply to badmarmot:

The Mountain Equipment ones are great and Cotswold have them at a good price in various sizes.


Mi|es on 03 Dec 2018

Ive had a £20 puma one from argos which has only just started to die after about 15 years.

Could anyone tell me what the benefits of a more expensive alternative are? I'm not sure it's worth me paying £100 for a TNF or equivalent replacement but am interested to hear people's thoughts. (Sorry for a bit of a hijack but thought it might be relevant for OP too). 

AlanLittle - on 03 Dec 2018
In reply to badmarmot:

Ortlieb do some good ones. Pricy, but fortunately for me I live near a shop that has their factory seconds at about 40% off.

richgac - on 03 Dec 2018
In reply to badmarmot:

I found the ME one to be a bit flimsy.  It didn't maintain its shape at all, which sounds minor but was quite annoying and uncomfortable to carry when it wasn't stuffed full.  Luckily (?) it also developed holes pretty quickly and I could justify a new NF duffel.  Probably the only bit of kit I'd ever consider buying NF over ME actually.


artif on 03 Dec 2018
In reply to badmarmot:

I had this problem recently with a thread on here somewhere.

Ended up with a Fjallraven duffel. Not really used it in anger yet but it seems well put together and the shoulder straps tuck away nicely for air transport, my only concern is the material its made of, it seems a bit flimsy compared to the NF duffels it replaces. I got it for a very good price though (IIRC around 40/50% off), I don't think its worth the full RRP

LastBoyScout on 03 Dec 2018
In reply to badmarmot:

I've got the ME 100L one mentioned above. Not used it much, but seems pretty solid.

I've also got a Rab 80L one - Doesn't seem quite as hard wearing as the ME, but it's also a lot lighter. do a 100L version, too.

I'd be very tempted by one of the Aquapak ones - they look pretty rugged and are waterproof.

Jellington - on 03 Dec 2018
In reply to badmarmot:

I got a 90L Tenson TNF rip off for half the price of a "real" NF one. Compared it to a mate's NF duffel and it was identical. Has served me well so far. 

Iamgregp - on 04 Dec 2018
In reply to badmarmot:

The Patagonia ones are mean to be pretty good, I notice they also have a smaller zip up pocket on the side which the lack of on TNF version is something which has always annoyed me...



Kimberley on 04 Dec 2018
In reply to badmarmot:

Yes, my TNF duffle is now twenty years old and has been repaired but still going strong, the new ones are not quite the same...

Some very good deals just now at Rock and Run, DMM and Sea to Summit


BAdhoc - on 04 Dec 2018
In reply to badmarmot:

I’ve got the Patagonia and Lowe Alpine version. Use Patagonia if i want the shoulder straps as they are super comfy and don’t come undone randomly (unlike Lowe) but the Lowe Alpine feels chunkier and the tamperproof zips give me more confidence for hold luggage. 

Rick Graham on 04 Dec 2018
In reply to badmarmot:

If at all possible I avoid any product with a curved zip. They always seem to f*** up before the rest of the bag / tent/ whatever.

IceBun - on 05 Dec 2018
In reply to badmarmot:

Some decent and reasonably priced options here though maybe not big enough and I think Psychi do a 90 litre one at a very reasonable price.


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badmarmot - on 05 Dec 2018
In reply to badmarmot:

Hi All

Thanks for the feed back, I think I may try one of the Psychi ones for the price if its not great i can just use it for store for kit in the off season,


Toerag - on 05 Dec 2018
In reply to badmarmot:

People wanting tough duffel bags could do a lot worse than getting in touch with Warren Hall on 07781 444280. He's a sailmaker with a sideline in making bags from recycled materials such as old canvas patrol tents. He's on facebook as 'old bag company'.

Professor_Professorson - on 05 Dec 2018
In reply to Kimberley:

Has anyone got any experience with DMM voids? I am trying myself to decide between this and a ME one. Does anyone if the DMM voids are made out of the same material i.e. waterproof like the ME/TNF ones?


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