/ Short Leg Winter Mountaineering Trouser advice.

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Ross B - on 05 Nov 2013
Looking for advice on some trousers, I am looking for a pair for taking up to Scotland this winter, with a crampon patch, but my problem is that very few manufactures seem to do short legged trousers, and even those that do its generally only basic walking styles, I am well used to bring them up but with technical trousers thats not realy practical.

I am male, have a waist in the 30 / 32 region and inside leg in the 27 / 28 region. Apart from that I am not worried about colour or trendy just want something that will do the job.

Thanks for your help in advance.

frqnt - on 05 Nov 2013
In reply to Ross B:
I have a similar problem - small waist, short leg. Not wanting to pay for a highly technical hem adjustment, I wear Mammut trousers; Haute Route pants for technical climbing and Alto pants for skiing. Mammut is one of the few brands that offer a shorter inseam AND the smaller sized waist for me (Sz. 22). Check out:

I could never get the shorter inseam out of UK stock so I order from and have been impressed with their service. Albeit dare if you're just buying one article of clothing.

I've also worn Crux for over trousers and PHD for insulation.

CMcBain - on 05 Nov 2013
In reply to Ross B:

Check out montane stuff, they offer short (28" inseam) and have a good range of trousers.
zebidee - on 05 Nov 2013
In reply to Ross B:

I'm similar, 32 waist and a 30 inside leg means that 32-short tend to fit me ... but few stores actually stock short legs. I often get good deals in the sales when they're looking to clear out their warehouses.

I haven't bought specific technical trousers for this reason - not willing to shell out £150+ on a pair of trousers which then need a further £50 worth of specialist modifications.

Thanks for the Mammut links - will look into that.
JohnnyW - on 05 Nov 2013
In reply to Ross B:

I have posted/replied to a good few posts on this, as at 5'10'', with a 36-38 waist depending on season and 29'' inside leg, it's a friggin' nighmare getting winter trousers!

Eventually I gave up and had some made bespoke by Cioch, and they are excellent, and only a wee bit dearer than off-the-peg.

I have recently bought the Simond ones from Decathlon, a total bargain! I can put up with the fact they bunch up around my leg for that price, and have even considered having them altered with the money I saved as it were, but the baffle means it's probably not practical.

Good luck with your quest fella!
cragtyke on 05 Nov 2013
In reply to Ross B:

these might be ok if you get small size, I think there's a size guide on the OR site, search for outdoor research Cirque pants to get more details. the material is thick and durable, and there's an an internal lace clip at the front and the waist adjustment is good as well.
Ross B - on 06 Nov 2013
In reply to Ross B:

Thanks for every ones reaplies, please keep them coming.

I have had a look at mammut, and unfortunatly the short leg is seems only to be an inch or so shorter then normal, deminetly not down to the size I need.

Montane looks very promissing as a place to look for future trousers, how ever there winter moutainering trouser again only comes in regular

Cioch is an interesting option, as I am fond of Paramo gear, although the price is alot, I may well look at them as a future option.

The best I seem to be able to go with is looking at an armored per say gaiter, like the Hillsound Super Armadillo Gaiter, (allthough finding a stockist is near impossible) and make do with my normal trousers with base layer.

Dave - on 06 Nov 2013
In reply to Ross B:

Arcteryx do high waisted trousres/bibs in a short lengths. Like others I had to order mine specially. I think the model was Theta SV, they have reinforced crampon patches.
Gazlynn - on 06 Nov 2013
In reply to Ross B:

Have a look at the ME G2 pants regular.

I got the large and am a 34 waist and a 30 leg and they fit me great. So maybe the small or med will be shorter still?

good luck


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